10$ to promote on Twitter

Is this a scam?

Looking to recruit 5 people with old PayPal accounts (needs to be at least two years old). USA ONLY!! The job is simple you will be prefunded via PayPal then purchase a digital service from an online store (you will not receive the service).You will then promote the store on Twitter with one post. Then provide a screenshot of the Twitter post and you will be paid $10. Very simple work and I’ve been doing this work for a year myself, fully trustworthy.

The content was posted by amitnrathi on 2020-09-22 20:01:18 via reddit

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  1. fabregasoak says:

    Yes. Come on. They are asking you to pay $10 to promote them on twitter. Isn’t that a red flag?

  2. It’s a !fakepayment scam.

    Or they will end up talking you into letting them control your Twitter account.


    NOBODY is paying a random stranger like you to “promote” on Twitter.

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