yo. I just ordered something from an online website, using $320 google play gift card swhich I sent using gmail. And now I received an email that a $2500 insurance is required and without that they can’t ship my package! what I have to do?! they say that the package is prepared to ship and they also prepared a tracking id for me

The content was posted by Kamil_999 on 2021-11-19 14:29:01 via reddit

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  1. Gtk-Flash says:

    You paid $320 and now they think you’re an easy mark. They’ll try and squeeze every cent out of you, cut your losses while you can.

  2. toastyhoodie says:

    You’re out $320 sadly.

    No store would require gift cards as a form of payment.

    What site is it?

  3. joeyGibson says:

    Trying to buy drugs online is how you get scammed. There are no drugs. There is no shipment. If you keep sending money, they will keep asking for more. Block them and cut your losses.

  4. oldfrenchwhore says:

    For $320 you could have gassed up your car and driven to a legal state.

  5. BebeRabbit_pc says:

    Do not send more money. Contact google play immediately to see if you can reverse or mention fraud/scam or something. But whatever you do, do not send more money. Nothing costing $320 holds that insurance value for shipping. Sorry some loser took advantage of you.

  6. music_man1959 says:

    Domain has been registered for 5 years, which is unusual for a scam site. However there are 2 major warning signs

    1. No contact phone number or street address
    2. 2 sketchy payment methods, both of which are not reversible

    Oh, and they can’t even fecking spell ” Cannabis Online Dispnesary shippping to All States”

  7. Sarah1987x says:

    You’re not getting the illegal drugs you tried to order on the internet. Consider it a $320 lesson.

  8. SiliconSam says:

    I don’t know why they don’t have a $100 charge for something tacked on. $420 for some cannabis makes far more sense than $320.

  9. As others have said, you’ve lost your $320 and they are trying to get more from you. Ignore and move on.

  10. Rosebird17 says:


    No reputable business wants payment with google play cards.

  11. Watch out for !recovery scams. Some of them browse this subreddit, too.

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