A private investigator texted me asking for someone else. Should I reply or just block it?

I got a call from an unknown number but they didn’t leave a voicemail, but texted me instead. It says something like:

“hello so and so (not my name), we have an appointment to talk about your investigation. Please give me two current coworkers contact info. Thanks, Investigator Name”

I looked up the number and it’s a real name and PI associated with it, but I feel like it’s pretty weird that a PI of all things has the wrong number. Should I text back that they have the wrong number or just block them?


The content was posted by Miewann on 2021-11-09 18:24:01 via reddit

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  1. Cant-think-of-a-nam says:

    Dont respond and block the number. Most definitely a scam

  2. They spoofed a real PI’s number to trick you into giving info to further scam you or someone else.

  3. memorex1150 says:


    You are under *zero* legal, moral, or ethical obligation to respond or otherwise attempt to ‘help’ out this alleged P.I.


    Also, a P.I. has zero law-enforcement powers. There’s nothing you owe them, they can’t arrest you, just BLOCK and IGNORE otherwise if you respond in ANY way, even calling them, you verify it’s an active number and you’re added to a list.

  4. Nitemiche says:

    >Should I text back that they have the wrong number or just block them?


  5. HiddenPenguinsInCars says:

    Try calling the PI. Don’t text the number. Dial the number in your phone.

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