A Scam (Sort of) By the Real DHL.

I’ve come across a money making tactic by DHL which I find borderline scammy.

I am in Canada. When I order a product to be delivered from out of the country, the selling website charges me delivery fees. They then pick the shipping company, with no input from me.

If they use fedex, purolator, USPS, or any other service, I never get charged more than what I paid the seller for delivery fees.

But if they use DHL, DHL always tries to charge me an extra import processing fee (usually around 25) no matter the value of the item, and despite the fact that the shipping was paid for at the time of purchase. They deliver the item with an invoice and then when I don’t pay they start sending automated email reminders, using the info that I gave the seller and not DHL

This is really DHL but to me this just seems like a dishonest money grab where they try to get an extra fee out of every international delivery. The fact that no other delivery company does this even delivering the same items tells me there is no processing fee and they made it up. Note that this charge has nothing to do with customs duty.

The amount charged is small enough that I suspect most people pay just to make them go away. But I imagine that multiplying 25 dollars over millions of deliveries makes them a nice profit.

What’s also interesting is that I never hired DHL and never agreed to pay them anything. Their service contract is with the online store. But DHL wants to get paid at both ends. Can’t stand this company.

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  1. Interesting. I have gotten some international deliveries via DHL, but have never had this issue thus far. That in the US, though.

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