A scam that defeats the PayPal guarantee.

First time posting and from my phone so apologies if it comes over garbled or had been covered before.

Sometimes I play brainless online games from the Googleapp store, it’s a guilty pleasure. A part of the game offers benefits if you watch a 30 second advert, usually for other games, sometimes for merchandise. During September 2020 adverts for increasingly bizarre items from China became popular, such as knife proof “tactical pants” or gizmos that turned a garden hose into a power washer, without power being needed. One that caught my attention was for a battery powered hand saw. The 30 second advert featured a Stihl GTA 26 Cordless Garden Pruner, taken from Stihl promotional videos. The price was $19.99. Now these retail in the UK for £130 to £150 so the item supplied from China obviously wasn’t going to be a Stihl. Curious, I watched the video in more detail. 29.5 seconds was the Stihl. 0.5 seconds was a manual hand saw. So that’s the gotcha. I searched for the company name, but no matches involving a scam. Went to the site, $19.99 for the saw, $10 shipping. PayPal payments available so I can use the PayPal guarantee. Ok I can afford £23 on a possible scam with PayPal backing me up, let’s see what happens. Placed an order and made sure the confirmation was for a “battery powered hand saw” and waited. A month later the inevitable unpowered hand saw arrived. At least something arrived. I was fully expecting a little light built into the handle to account for the “battery powered” bit but no, totally unpowered. So I raise a claim with PayPal that the item is “not as described”. I price up the hand saw, I can get it on Ebay for £13 shipped so I ask for a $10 refund. After a while the seller offers a $2 refund. I try to decline the offer but following the link in the PayPal email from my phone is a dismal failure (about which I complain and which PayPal ignores). Eventually logging into the PayPal desktop site allows me to access the resolution centre and decline the offer. The next offer is a full refund based on me returning the item and providing a tracking number. Now I am fully aware of the inequities of the Postal Union and the differences in the cost of shipping a heavy saw from China to the UK as opposed to shipping it back. I check a few options but all tracked offers cost more than the entire saw delivered from China. I check the PayPal email, no mention of a refund of the return postage, as would be available on Ebay. Also no mention of what happens if I don’t enter a tracking number in ten days. No option to decline the offer and just ask for the $10 refund. So i wait the ten days. I then get an email from PayPal. Apparently I have provided invalid tracking information so my claim has been settled in favour of the seller.

So there you have it. A scam which totally defeats the PayPal guarantee.

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  1. I don’t know what you were expecting PayPal to do. You could have returned the item for a refund, and you didn’t. The fact that postage for a package to China is more expensive than the item itself has no bearing on whether or not PayPal honors their protection policies.

    ### Refunds

    If an order doesn’t arrive or it doesn’t match the description, we’ll reimburse the full cost of eligible purchases plus original shipping.


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