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So, I have only 46 followers on Instagram and today this dude “yasemin_karac” sent me a message to being an ambassador for “ghost.jewels”.


I already checked that account and their page and tbh it looks too well done even if I know this is an obvious scam.

The thing I want to know is if I’m the only one or if you have any more info about it because it was a really random moment.


The content was posted by ZarskyART on 2021-10-11 21:15:43 via reddit

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  1. PsychicSid says:

    I actually just became an Ambassador because I loved the Skeleton bracelet and God necklace so to me it will be worth the $35 shipping IF they arrive LOL! However, I was not planning on advertising any other jewelry they had because I did start to get the feeling it’s a scam and I will never get the 30% commission they promised per customer who uses my 50% coupon code. I emailed them and asked them “How do I keep track of my sales and commission?! Am I just supposed to trust you lol” They did not respond to my question. Anyway I hope I still get the jewelry but if not, I can easily dispute the charges. The rest of their jewels are “Satanic” just fyi so I would never advertise or wear them–I’m a psychic and witch but also Catholic so….

  2. JennyAbsence says:

    I got a message too, I sounded fishy to me too

  3. chxrrodelight says:

    Just got a message and straight up asked if they were a scam. They said their ambassadors hadn’t gotten the orders yet so they had no proof of being sponsors. Really like the products! Just don’t want my info stolen…

  4. ZenDragon84 says:

    I also had a message but both my insta profiles are both private so no one can see my content unless I allow access.
    This is not the first “company” to use this method for scamming I just don’t reply and leave it in the requests folder within a few days the account usually gets removed

  5. These-Estimate says:

    I got a message as well. They sent me a code that enabled me to choose 3 items free of charge. The code did work but when I went back to look at their page I noticed their comments were turned off. This struck me as suspicious

  6. MelParadiseArt says:

    I got a message too. Very odd. I make enough money selling what I make in my own studio. No idea how they found me. Maybe it’s because I’d mentioned taking up Butoh. Hmmm

  7. angel_of_chaos_29 says:

    I got that exact same message a few days ago and I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

  8. They were in my inbox too. I went ahead and went with the offer using a prepaid visa card to pay for the shipping so no real banking information was used. I was surprised when after placing my order and only having to pay shipping that they responded with a coupon code for my followers. I was half expecting to not hear from them again.

  9. jackisweird0098 says:

    happens with me too, but obviously scam, that yasemin_karac don’t even have one follower

  10. PsychicSid says:

    If you look at their IG account, they’ve deleted the comment field out so that people like I can’t leave nasty comments and cuss them out for stealing my money! Damn sons of beaches!

  11. Yup, I also received this same offer… But since I’m a bit paranoid, I decided to research a little bit.
    Thanks and I’m sorry for your experiences with those scammers… The one who messaged me is Lilafushia38

  12. itsme_misstiff says:

    I just got a message from this company as well, and it’s 100% a scam. I just looked at Wish.com and searched for the illuminati ring and the ram skull ring with the upside down cross from their Instagram feed. They were $1.76 and $2 respectively on Wish, so I definitely didn’t need to look any further.

    Having said that, I shop on Wish pretty often and if you don’t mind the wait for shipping from China and you pay attention to the reviews, you can get some pretty awesome stuff dirt cheap. I’ll probably order some of that jewelry from Wish, honestly. Good luck!

  13. Eventually69 says:

    Well fuck I fell for it. They messaged me earlier today. Ordered three things and only had to pay for shipping. Cost like R500 ( South African currency). I already paid buy only decided now to search them. Dammit

  14. pebblesqt says:

    I got the same offer, by an account with like 30 followers. my account only has 73. thought maybe they wanted me to promo on tiktok, as i have 39k on there.
    I liked the “vex necklace” and quickly found it on Wish for less than $5.
    I don’t think it’s worth the risk. If anything, wait until all these people who said they did order with the free code to get their stuff.
    The scam could just be that it’s all from Wish and was only $5 for them, and now we are paying $35 for the shipping. idk

  15. chorvaqueen says:

    I got the same exact message and I had to quickly look this up and I’m glad you made this post. It’s…just extremely odd for them go after a small cutesy anime art account.

  16. Just received a message and went to check their reviews on the internet or see if they legit or scam. Saw this thread and I came on here to say that I checked some of their tagged ambassadors’ pictures and they did not tag them or promote Ghost Jewels, instead they did tag and promote another brand called Devil Treasures but when you click on the tag to see the account it has been removed and no longer exists. Maybe it was an old page or the brands’ old name? If so why has it been removed? Not sure what that means but do with it what you will. I don’t trust them so no way I’m risking it…

  17. Powerful-Affect-7281 says:

    My account is also small and I only post pictures of my games and yesterday (Sunday) I received this same message from them. I do not know what to think.

  18. Native_Nature says:

    So, I literally just bought into this ambassador/affiliate “scam” and sent them shipping to get 3 items to review on my channel. They were answering me on IG chat quickly until the shipping was sent. Gotta say this feels like an incredible scam. So some of you received your product??

  19. AlternativeIndaco says:

    I Just got a message from a guy named Anuj Dutta (0 posts, 16 followers, 6 followings) offering me to be their “Ambassador” because I would be a good fit…guys, on my IG Page there’s not even a photo of myself! I only post drawings because I’m an artist, my IG Page Is my portfolio! It’s a Copy&paste message from a scammer.
    I’m about to answer them only to make fun of how silly they are.

  20. Alternative-Law-3254 says:

    It’s a scam 👍 A supposed UK based company with a return address in the Netherlands. They say their jewellery is ‘hand carved from 925 silver’ yet it says stainless steel elsewhere – if you were legit, you would want to make this clear. You’d have to be a mug to pay £80 for a steel ring, or even half that! As people have said, you can get the rings elsewhere for much less – why would anyone want to represent a brand that lies about it’s quality. £30 is alot for postage in the UK & they do not specify if this is tracked or even who they send it with. They completely ignored any of my questions & started pressuring me to pay the shipping – if you were legit, you would answer your customers questions & not pressure for payment. Also there is no paypal option so no buyer protection.

    The page was set up very recently with pretty much all photos uploaded on the same day & a whopping 75k followers. I’m surprised people have actually received their orders but atleast you got something – FYI the 100% discount code works for as many items as you want 😆

    They also operate as another brand by the name of ‘demonia jewels’ & possibly even more. I did post this before but it seems to have been removed so I post once again – stay safe people. 👍

  21. Kaikoisthename says:

    Same happend to me to they seem genuine but im not sure I only have around 600 followers. I just wanna know if this is a staight up scam or not

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