Ace modeling

Hey, I’ve been getting these weird texts from guys claiming to be from ace modeling. They send a message like this:

Good morning, this is Andrew. I just got my start date at the modeling company and noticed that I will be doing the VPI checklist with this department.
It says there is a basic review and an advanced review do you know which one I’m supposed to do?

I was going to try the advance one if that’s okay. Do I just do all the items on the checklist. I’ll go ahead and start working on it in a little bit I may have to upload some of the items
The toning exercises are hilarious I love the names you guys get them, do I do all four of them?

Then they start sending me unsolicited dick pics. I block the number, but then I get more from other numbers. How do I stop getting these all together? My kids use my phone and I really don’t want them seeing this, plus it’s disgusting and I don’t want them!

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