AirBnB scam?

Hey everyone! Wondering if this is a scam that I’m not aware of.

While traveling in a major non-US city recently, my mom and I stayed in a building that had many AirBnB listings. When returning to our building one night, we noticed a young woman standing outside, trying to figure out the door buzzer (it had a lock on it). We decided to walk around the block to avoid her tailgating us in, thinking that she would figure out how to work the lock by the time we got back.

When we came back a few minutes later, she was still in the doorway and asked if we could help let her in as she was staying at an AirBnB in the building.

We avoided mentioning that we were staying there and thought about things to ask her that might be helpful without giving away the door code (e.g. what instructions did the host give you?).

Before we could converse much, a couple came to the door and said they could help, citing that they lived in the building. The man then paused and said, “Although, actually, our stuff is missing, which is a problem…”, looking up at one of the outdoor balconies. He then sorted briefly through the top of the garbage can.

My mom and I looked at each other and decided to walk around the block and contact our host, who we couldn’t get in touch with. We waited several minutes before looking around the corner and coming back.

This story might seem weird, but I’d rather come across as a little rude than put us in danger. The whole thing struck me as bizarre. Does this sound like any kind of known scam to you?

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  1. AceyAceyAcey says:

    Thieves have been sneaking into apartment buildings for decades now, this doesn’t have to be AirBNB specific. Or she could be visiting a friend and not want to bother calling up. No way to know, so safer to not let her in.

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