AirPods massively discounted on unknown site

So today I decided on a random win to look for deals on AirPods, and [this site]( came up as a Google shopping result. There’s no info about this store anywhere online and their website has extremely few listings and very little information. I ordered them because I can’t help my curiosity. What do y’all think will happen? These are my potential predictions:

1. Counterfeit headphones
2. I never get package
3. They’re stolen merchandise
4. They steal my credit card info

The content was posted by Regular_Education738 on 2021-04-02 08:41:43 via reddit

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  1. You got scammed bud. Hope you used a throwaway CC number.

    Likely you’ll never receive the product, what will likely happen is you’ll get a tracking number that’s been used for a delivery elsewhere in your city, That’s their proof of delivery for any chargeback issues.

    Had a similar scam happen to my wife via PayPal.

  2. I found this thread yesterday and I also had ordered an AirPod Pro from the same sketchy looking website about the same time this thread was posted.

    I was planning on contacting my cc to see if I could get a refund through them but then the tracking told me that it was being delivered tomorrow (which is today). I decided that I might as well wait and see if it would come and if it did, what would be in the package.

    It actually came! To my surprise, it’s an actual AirPod pro and not a counterfeit. I paid $159.99 (they didn’t charge tax for some reason) which is $90 off from retail. Very discounted price. Nothing sketchy is happening in my bank activity as of right now. I don’t know if it’s stolen merchandise and I don’t know how to tell.

    I would upload a picture of the contents but I usually just lurk and never post so I don’t really know how to attach it.

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  4. You can always check []( to see how long the domain has existed. It’s been up for 7 months. And it looks like they are hiding all of their info.

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