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  1. That dog looks so adorable, congrats!

  2. FightClubAlumni says:

    Looks great. You can get some pieces of wood and put white string lights with some orange tissue paper fire.

  3. Cien_fuegos says:

    I did something like this last year when I was in an apartment. The only thing that cost more was the brick wallpaper I got from Hobby Lobby. Yours looks way better than mine.

  4. SakuraStorm8312 says:

    I made a similar chimney last year from dollar store supplies (besides the brick paper.)
    Dollar store has black project board I put at the back so it’s like the back of it was black, can put a little fire in the front from fabric or something 😀

    Either way, nice job!

  5. lizards0112 says:

    It’s so well done! So creative and I’m sure your family loves it!

  6. Rough_Commercial4240 says:

    Super 🥰

  7. That’s genius! And adorable!

  8. a_convenient_name says:

    We did this the last couple years because we didn’t have a fireplace! It actually became a permanent installation in the kids room.

    I used scrap wood to make a frame so the stockings wouldn’t pull it over, and for anyone else who’s doing it this year and doesn’t want to buy the paper: if you mix sand with red paint (add a little brown to it) you can use a sponge to make a realistic brick print. The sand gives it a realistic texture.

    Yours looks awesome! Good job!

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  10. felix_mateo says:

    That looks great

  11. Commercial-Plenty-16 says:

    That’s so creative and well executed, you really have a knack for crafts/decorating!

  12. DerpensteinsMonster says:

    Yea! That’s awesome! My parents did this for my brother and me, way back in the 90’s. We got a bunch of construction paper and cut it all out together. I remember it vividly. I’m sure your children will remember this for a long time, too.

  13. Nothing wrong with that. People that can spend ridiculous amounts of money on everything are rare.

  14. Oldnavylover says:

    SO CUTE! Great job, OP!

  15. IcyChampionship3067 says:


  16. That is SUCH a lovely idea and beautifully executed! Some people are just so creative!

  17. MrFake_Name says:

    You did a great job!

  18. _Redoubt_ says:

    That looks amazing

  19. Nomis-Got-Heat says:

    That’s amazing!!

  20. SailorJupiterLeo says:

    After living here for 25 years, pre epidemic, we finally got one. I thought they might take it away, but no. Before, we had to go to Wyoming or Colorado. So many odds and ends and surprises. Love this store.

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