Almost got scammed though Reddit

Been growing weed for years, and have been sharing my photos for a while on Reddit. Got an message via Reddit from a “rep” from Mars Hydro interested in sponsoring me. They wanted to send me some free lights and gear for tagging them in my insta and Reddit posts. Sounded fishy to me at first because I don’t have a huge following, but I grew great weed so I thought that’s all that mattered. He followed up in infrequently over the next few weeks over Gmail. I finally got an official legal form that looked legit, after signing everything I sent another asking if he needed anything else besides the paperwork. He asked for my debit card for shipping me the free gifts. This was the sign for me, I knew it was fake at this point. Not only did it get my hopes up, but wasted quite a bit of my time. Kinda a lame story, but I wanted to share! Thanks

The content was posted by b215049 on 2021-11-10 05:44:04 via reddit

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  1. carolineecouture says:

    Glad you dodged that bullet. I’d keep my eyes open for any kind of weird follow-up or happenings after this. You don’t know how they could use the data they did get from you. This is the second post in two days where the scammer wanted the debit card.

    I assume that the debit card account number can be used in some way? Does anyone know what they would do specifically?

  2. Born_Cartoonist_6666 says:

    Did you jeopardize any personal info, other than a banking card that could be used against you? Full name, address, family?

  3. Huddlestone says:

    Weed? Isn’t it’s cultivation itself illegal. In my country though it’s illegal to even cultivate.

  4. Bills2001 says:

    I literally just got scammed by a reddit user u/zlotbot. They bought a game and redeemed the code but blocked me off without paying. Please beware. I feel so shitty

  5. MinaFarina says:

    People at companies don’t use Gmail accounts for company business communication.

  6. Are the feds Phishing off weed reddit posts?

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