Am I getting scammed?

A woman is offering to fund my movie 900k. She read the script and signed an NDA before.

She is now saying she will give me the money but she won’t wire the money to me unless she has my debit card. She’s saying that no money even needs to be in my account. She just needs my debit card because that’s how she’s always done business. Am I missing something or is this a scam I’m not understanding?

The content was posted by CrazyShitThrowAway12 on 2021-11-09 17:11:06 via reddit

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  1. To my understanding, she needs “your” debit card. A scam because no one needs your debit card in order to fund or send money.

  2. spameggsspamandspam says:

    Well let’s weigh the possibilities. Some stranger read your script and fell so madly in love with its pure brilliance that she is going to give you 900k but in the shadiest way possible because that’s how she always does things, or you’re being scammed. Without seeing your magnum opus, I’m willing to bet you’re being scammed.

  3. cgknight1 says:

    You have had some good advice but if you really want to confirm this – write to them and say you have realised that the film needs a scene where the lead character had sex with a dog and you think this scene should last 30 minutes.

    They will write back and say this is a fantastic idea.

  4. If you want to be 100% sure this is a scam, buy a debit “gift card” and put $5. Give her that number and see what happens.

    But some advice, if something sounds too good to be true, it is.

  5. funkykolemedina says:

    Does she give any reason beyond “Because I need it”?

    I see 0 reasons anyone would need your debit card who is offering to fund your venture. Maybe even less than 0 reasons.

    “I’m going to give you money, but first I need you to give me your debit card because…. Reasons. I totally have money, but need your debit card before I give you a bunch of my large amounts of money. It’s totally normal for me. I do things this way. Always have. That’s a good reason, right?”

    Just to test things, I would tell them you have another party interested in funding you and doesn’t require your debit card. See if they’re still interested or change any of their story.

  6. memorex1150 says:

    Two trains of thought here:

    1) You found a benevolent stranger who thinks your script is so brilliant, so inspired, so amazing that they jumped through all of your hoops including signing a NDA and now this benevolent stranger wants to send you $900,000 — which is, as you know, something that really doesn’t happen, *ever*, or….

    2) This is a scam and you’re going to get screwed hard if you even remotely *think* about trying to play along

  7. Scientific_85 says:

    It’s a scam. Been in the film industry for over 10 years (definitely not a big shot by any stretch) but I know and have talked with a lot of professionals who’ve gotten independent work funded and it definitely does not work like that. Even if a single person does want to pony up that much money there’s all sorts of contract negotiations involved typically some back and forth between each party’s lawyers, etc. I find it very very very highly doubtful that a person with that sort of capital just wires $900k to a filmmaker she doesn’t even know on a personal level. Film/Entertainment industry is full of so many scams and I wouldn’t be surprised if this method has been used a bunch of times, probably successfully, on many other people trying to get their project made.

  8. itsnobigthing says:

    Hey OP, you’ve already had all the best advice but I just want to commiserate – it’s messed up that this person is taking advantage of your passion & creativity.

    It sucks enough to be disappointed, even more so to realise some of our fellow humans are just a bag of shite.

    Best of luck finding genuine funding and getting your project off the ground. Don’t let the fuckers get you down.

  9. Aunty_Fascist says:

    Yes, she’s scamming. There is no need for anyone to have your debit card.

  10. snugglefloor says:

    SCAM! Do not give this woman your debit card!

  11. ceejay955 says:

    No stranger hands over 900K just after reading a script. Are you even talking to someone who works for a production company of some sort? i’m sorry but this isnt logical, scam for sure.

  12. marplanauta says:

    I want to imagine that you have a lawyer. Have him look at that. Do not get involved with anything before your lawyer look into it.

  13. Peppeperoni says:

    I’m going to give you $1.5 million – send me your first born child plz – and a Chick-fil-A sandwich

  14. notreallylucy says:

    Wire transactions don’t require a debit card. This is how she’s always “done business” because her business is scamming.

  15. HonDadCBR600 says:

    Yep, scammed. As much as you want to believe it is true this lady is trying to DE-FUND your account. Sorry.

  16. tiffanylan says:

    I’ve been involved with movie projects and investors don’t need your debit card. There’s absolutely no reason for it and you’re still deluded because you’re asking what could she do with it? Easily could use it in furthering other scams or other criminal activity. I know you want to believe your magnum opus is getting an influx of investor money like this, but that’s not how it works. Usually there’s several meetings, have you met her face to face on video or in real life? I’m betting not.

  17. I’m sorry but a stranger is wanting to fund your movie? And give you $900,000? You actually need to ask this? Holy shit.

  18. YoursTastesBetter says:

    The only people who ever need your debit card are 1) you, and 2) The cashier who is waiting for payment of the goods you’re purchasing.

  19. Odd-Pain-6229 says:

    Yes it’s a reverse psychology.

  20. Sqwirelle says:

    Aside from everything everyone else has said (it’s definitely a scam) she may already have a bunch of your info from the NDA. Did you include your home address on it, and your signature? If so, she already has enough of your info that you should be concerned.

  21. Lavendercrimson12 says:

    Sounds like your movie will be a real blockbuster!

    Tell you what… I’ll fund you a full million, just gotta let me hold your credit cards, social security card, passport, (just to make sure you don’t go anywhere with my money!)


    Yeah it’s a scam. If you have to even ask, the answer is probably yes.

  22. Big-Wear773 says:

    No doubt, it’s a scam

  23. salvagevalue says:

    Hmmm sounds like a scam to me …

  24. YoDaniGurl says:

    She scamming you dude

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