“Amazon” called to say there was suspicious activity on our account

They called my wife from a blocked number. They said someone tried to buy an iPhone 12 on our account. I pulled up the account on my phone and there was no record of that sale which we told the guy, who then hung up immediately.

The content was posted by snbrd512 on 2021-10-04 16:02:43 via reddit

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  1. They call me every other week. I keep telling them the purchases are legit … I just REALLY like buying iPhones.

  2. amyaurora says:

    I get the iphones calls about once a week and emails claiming either a phone or a 7 piece crockpot.

    The least these scammers can do is make these believable.

  3. FieldOfFox says:

    It’s actually always an iPhone 12, I swear

  4. Banditgeneral4 says:

    I got one the other day. I told him “no, I ordered 6. They are going to my family in prison. You better send all 6 or else.” He hung up.

  5. ochisiepa says:

    I like that. Never thought about it. THE PURCHASE IS LEGIT. No further action required. That’s can be very demoralizing to the scammer

  6. Frustratedparrot123 says:

    Look at scammerpayback on YouTube. This is a very common scam they show a lot on that channel

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