Amazon Order Replacement Scam or System Error?

A few days ago, I ordered a $12 item from Amazon, a Rain-X windshield repair kit. Got it, used it, happy with it.

Today, Amazon informed me that my replacement has started, and I should send the item back. I found that Amazon was going to replace my $12 windshield repair kit with an Apple AirPods Max, $479.00. Amazon issued a gift card for the return ($12), applied automatically to my order, and the rest charged to the payment method I used for the order.

The replacement item was being shipped to an unknown (to me) person in a different state (I’m in the US). I have his name and address via an Amazon email regarding the order.

As far as I understand, a regular Amazon customer should not be able to “replace” an item with a different, not to mention much more expensive, item like this, while the order number remained exactly the same.

I verified that the replacement order was in Amazon’s system via their customer chat system, so it’s not fake email scamming. Amazon really was going to process this replacement.

I’m asking Amazon Security Team to look into this and contact me. I had the replacement order canceled.

Is this somekind of new scam? Do I need to take any specific precautions to prevent this from happening again?

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  1. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Do you/did you have 2 factor authentication set up for your Amazon account? Maybe somebody got into your account?

  2. Damn! Keep us posted.

  3. blondie-1174 says:

    How did Amazon inform you? When you talked to Amazon was it a link from the actual site or from an email? The whole thing sounds “scammy”

  4. Huddlestone says:

    Unlikely for scammers to do it, esp if your account is secured by 2fa plus you have safe browsing habits. Very likely an insider job to scam you. Good thing reporting it.

  5. RunAway_SoundCard says:

    For me personally, scam or no scam I wouldn’t be able to take that replacement on moral. I had an issue with Amazon, they delivered a product to my neighbor up the street. I get confirmation photos of the deliveries and at the time I got the email I was at work. I immediately took up the issue with Amazon and they replaced the product for free, meaning they sent me a new one. My neighbor did bring the package to my house. I didn’t mean to scam Amazon, kinda felt bad afterwards. Regardless of how much money Amazon makes and how sending me a duplicate item worth 50 dollars obviously won’t impact the company, I still felt bad.

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