Amazon “Scam” – is this brushing or something else?

Hi r/Scams,

I woke up this morning and saw two emails from Amazon saying that an order had been placed on my account, and that it had been shipped. The emails were from Amazon directly (not any alternate spoofy email address), although just to be sure I logged into my Amazon account directly on a different device (not via the email links).

In the Archived Orders section of my account I saw 12 items ordered *to my home address* at around 4 AM (I was asleep so absolutely did not place the order myself, and I do not share my account details with others for them to place orders). The items were completely random things like toilet brushes, digital cameras, exercise equipment, and even underpants.


However, when clicking onto those particular items the items had a different price (‘full price’ ranging from £9.99 to £429.00 for the most expensive item). Worried that I’d been scammed, I checked my bank and there is a pending transaction of £1.44 (12 items at £0.12 each).

The actual seller of the very cheap items in the picture above (whose name I have removed just in case I’m not allowed to include this) has no store front and their profile page says their account was ‘*Just launched*’. They have a customer services and business address both registered in China.

The order itself was placed and shipped immediately so I have no option to cancel the order myself. I contacted Amazon and my bank already about lodging a dispute, and I’ve changed my password and included two-factor authentication for any future logins. Amazon have agreed to cancel the order and lodge a full refund into my account.

I’m not hugely worried about the order itself because the amount of money involved is small, the items were sent to my home, and it has been relatively easy to reverse. However, I’m still not sure if there’s some ‘end game’ here that’s going to put me at risk at a later point, and how to prevent this from happening.

I did look up online (including this subreddit) about various types of scams and the only thing that comes close to this is a brushing scam that I can see. However, I wasn’t sure if this was an instance of brushing or something else entirely.

Any advice you can offer on what type of scam this is and the ‘end game’ would be greatly appreciated.


The content was posted by NeKithiBa on 2020-11-17 15:42:34 via reddit

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  1. They’re most likely looking to boost their reviews, you took all appropriate steps 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Gotta be something else. If I read you right, they did get access to your accounts and impersonated you…more than enough to stay away and denounce the seller.

    I’d probably have my bank issue me another credit card as they seem to have a hold of your identity and thus could go around looking for payment cycles and what not. Sorry I can’t be of further help but I think you are doing the right thing trying to get to the bottom of it. It just seems like a lot of intel has been collected only to buy some random articles on your name

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