Amazon Scam

I just got this automated call today saying that someone in Dayton, Ohio was using my Amazon card to purchase an iPhone 12. Press 1 to deny the charge. I pressed 1. Was transferred to a scammer.

“Hello, I was informed of a charge for a bouncy castle for 12k in Illinois, Kentucky?”(I’m pretty sure that’s not a place)

“I’m so sorry about that ma’am, can I get your full name?”

I hung up the phone.

How does Amazon inform you of possibly fraudulent activity? They send an email.

The content was posted by GramsUpaTreeCall999 on 2021-11-10 04:32:17 via reddit

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  1. unpopularpuffin6 says:

    I got that too.

    Just do your best to bait them as long as possible. They’ll never call again.

    I baited a guy for 45min. Now I never get calls, and when I do, I can’t get through. My number is probably flagged as a time waster.

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