I was looking for a Ti-Nspire when []( came up in google shopping. It’s purportedly a jewelry store; but for some reason is selling calculators, toys, electronics, etc. for half price (under necklace accessories of all things). A PS4 Pro for $90, Warhammer 40k Baneblade for $50 (even suppliers and GW employees don’t get that kind of discount). Admittedly everything else looks like a normal online store, so maybe I am being too quick to judge. The payments even go through PayPal, so the suspicious price is the only thing I have to go on. Does anyone know if this is a scam store or is it a real business?

The content was posted by lnex_ on 2020-02-17 05:26:13 via reddit

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  1. The site was registered in November, text on the site was stolen from other sites, and the prices are absurd. It’s a scam, ignore and move on.

    > came up in google shopping

    FYI, Google Shopping is infested with similar scam sites. If you do not currently use an ad blocker, you should start.

  2. Do not order from these scammers! Trying to work through our credit card to get a refund! Evil scammers!!!

  3. Just found that website as well while looking for an Nspire calc. The price is really suspicious. $65 is even cheap for a ti84. Let me know if you decide to buy it. I might risk it myself.

  4. same question looking for this:

    Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Chemical

    Had a great price there but it’s almost too good.

  5. Im trying to figure this out, 90 for a ps4. Thats WAY too low so im very tempted but am worried

  6. I found a MIDI keyboard controller which usual retails for $200+ on there for $69.99…. super tempted and came to look at reviews before sending it

  7. I had purchased a ps4 from them earlier. I’m about to see if they’re true to their word or not

  8. They almost got me. Ridgid professional tool storage cart for $69.99. It is $159.99 at Home Depot and Amazon.

  9. I’m looking to buy a smart programable home thermostat brand is nest. Usually 200-300$ and they have it for 50$? Seems to good to be true can anyone confirm they are a scam?–learning-3rd-polished-thermostat

    That’s the one I almost just went to checkout with before thinking better of it. But if anyone has any personal experience with them please let me know!

  10. I bought a MyQ Bridge. It was $50 as oppose to $85. Sent me a UPS tracking number that says it has shipped. I was home all day and nothing arrived. This sounds like a UPS issue. I also noticed that the seller is written in Chinese yet the package was shipped 50mis from my house.

    I’m working with PayPal and my credit card to get a refund since I didn’t get the item. I reached out to the seller but no response.

    Also, I noticed a very similar site that has the same prices and setup.

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