Another domain name investigation tool: UDRP rulings

One of the standard investigation tools we use here is the Whois search to look up a domain name and find key scam-detecting info such as the age and location of the domain registration (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my posts here for an explanation: [](

I have an even more advanced tool for sub veterans: a UDRP lookup. The Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (yes, by some strange logic, it’s not abbreviated as UDDP) sets forth a mechanism via arbitration for trademark holders to recover domain names being misused by bad actors. I’ve been reading these arbitration decisions for about 8 years, but I never mention them here because I access them through a paywall.

But I just realized there is a free way to see the decisions: [](


To run through an example of how to use it…

– put a domain name into the search box, such as

– click on the button in the Status column to open the decision

– in the decision, you can see that the arbitrator ruled that the operators of were intentionally abusing the trademark of legitimate exchange BitMEX (which is at and ordered the domain registrar to transfer to the domain to BitMEX


While a simple Whois lookup would have yielded red flags, but not a definitive scam determination (the domain is 306 days old), the UDRP lookup would seal the deal.

Caveat: often this step won’t be helpful, because by the time a UDRP ruling is decided and released, the domain has already been transferred to the trademark owner. But sometimes not, as in the case of, which still appears to the shady/sketchy/fake exchange (the look and feel is totally different from

This might be a niche resource that’s only occasionally helpful, but it’s another tool for your tool belt!

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  1. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Nice, thanks for this post!

    >it’s a another tool for your tool belt!

    Took the words right out of my mouth haha

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