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  1. LittlePooky says:

    I moved into a small apartment that is much closer to work about three years ago. We have our own laundry room down the hall but with 24 units; it is always being used and after a long day, I just didn’t have the energy to deal with it. I had spoken to the property manager who has been really cool about getting a combination washer and dryer – she loved the idea (it doesn’t use that much water or power, the yellow sticker that came with stated that six washes per week only because about USD11 per year electrical usage), and said she needed one too!

    Ordered it from Cosco with free delivery and the two men brought it to my kitchen and I hooked it up myself. It is ventless, and I use it almost every day. This is not for something for a large family because you have to use it every day because it is half the size of a regular washer. (2.4 cubic feet is the size of the drum.) But it really works if you do not overload it.

    It does take a while to complete a wash – for example am a nurse so I wear surgical scrubs. Each wash would consist of, for example, surgical top, surgical bottom, one pair of sock, T-shirt and underwear and another set of T-shirt and underwear that I used the night before. It is washed and dried in about two hours.

    Our laundry room – although has bigger washer and dryer, it is USD6 to do one load. This machine isn’t cheap, but it is very well made (heavy, 180 pounds) and I haven’t had any problem with it. It even has its own water heater to make the water very hot for the sanitary cycle. I think it would be good for a single person or a couple if you use it every other day at least. It has the timer so you can set it up to, I believe, 18 hours ahead of time. On Friday when I leave for work, I put my pillowcases, bed linens and I choose the sanitary option with extra drying time and with pre-wash and extra rinse. It takes three, or three and a half hours but since I’m not there, it won’t matter.

    The water drains into the sink. I really think it only uses a few gallons for each wash/dry cycle. It is not that loud and my next-door neighbor said he doesn’t even hear it.

    I sometimes set the timer so when I get home, it is freshly dried.

    It comes out hot and steamy if anyone wonders.

    It is big enough to do two pillows or a small (twin sized) comforter.

    At first, I was going to get the far less expensive portable washer and hang dry my clothes – but I did not think it would work too well—this machine was USD1300, and to me, worth every penny.

    If you are a couple with perhaps three or four children, use it every day. You cannot wait until the weekend to have your laundry day because it would take you all day.

  2. PurpleSausage77 says:

    Super interested in these now. I bought two big bulky Samsung units from Costco as the pandemic began. For a few hundred bucks more I could’ve looked in to something like this. Love the idea of it.

  3. Big__Boss___ says:

    Lol everyone’s bitter that you bought something. Good for you, OP. I wish I could’ve done this at my last place. The washers and dryers were terrible and cost $4 for one load. I spent easily $50 a month on it.

  4. Hope you bought it for a song. Samsung appliances… 😬

  5. missprincesscarolyn says:

    I have an LG as well and live in Southern California where we have time of use plans. Mine has remote capabilities so I run it on super off peak hours (around midnight) and then dry stuff in the morning, which on weekdays is considered off peak as well. Some people whine about time of use plans but they save me money.

  6. heretowatchyt1 says:

    lol…why is this in frugal reddit? These washers break down eventually

  7. ItsMeGarvinG says:

    How is a washing machine a frugal investment?

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