Any possibility this job is a scam?

I’m a freelance writer without much experience under my belt. I snagged a skype interview via Upwork and was hired, but I declined to collect my payment through there because they take 20%. I gave them my banking details instead.

I gave them the first article, and then moving forward, they wanted to double my work without increasing my pay. I decided to finish the second article but told them I’m too busy to continue writing for them because my primary job demanded more hours from me. They doubled my pay and gave me freedom with my deadlines. They said even if I was only submitting a couple articles a month, they wanted me there.

In the middle of writing the second article, I was told their policy changed and that my work would have to go in as ghostwriting. I told them I wasn’t interested in being a ghostwriter and wouldn’t stay under those circumstances. They said they understood and decided to allow me to be credited for my work.

So you can see, lots of switching things around after hiring me.

They paid me via international wire transfer. I’ve never recieved one before but know they’re sometimes used in scams, so I’m not sure what to think given the other factors. They also still haven’t published the first article I wrote nearly a month ago, which seems sketchy.

I Googled the company beforehand, and there isn’t a lot about them, but they have a Twitter account that looks pretty normal, showing company parties and stuff like that (my contact there is in several photos) dating back to 2014. I also know I wasn’t skyped with a green screen because they moved around their office with thier laptop the few times we’ve video chatted.

TL;DR: new writing job seems a little sketch because they keep changing things and haven’t published my work, but they’ve paid me via wire transfer and the office is definitely real. Not sure what to think.

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  1. ClydesdaleSlim says:

    So you found them on upwork but went off the platform to complete the deal? Well you’ve got no protection now, whether it’s real or fake. Any company that is willing to pay writers for content would have a web presence, even if they’re a start-up or brand new. What is their product?

  2. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Do they have a website?

    !job scam auto mod has some info on job scams, you can see if the info correlates with your situation.

    Lastly, if you’re feeling something is off, you’re probably right.

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