Any tips to help me save these pants? I’ve never used patches, would they even w…

Any tips to help me save these pants? I’ve never used patches, would they even work on tears this big?

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  1. ontarioparent says:

    Not sure how much fabric remains that’s in usable wearable shape, if I was desperate, I’d lay another material under the tear and hand stitch it in place, probably a temporary fix tho, given the degradation of the material. Time to go shopping. Maybe rock the floods look for now? Also, if you need to, maybe have back up options. I find it hard to find styles that work with my odd body type so when I find them, I seriously consider them as investments lol.

  2. Cut them up, now you have rags

  3. Grand_Cauliflower_88 says:

    Throw them away n go to the thrift store n get a decent pair. Sometimes you can’t save something.

  4. MorningPants says:

    Title says it all. These are one of the few plants that fit me right, and they have no other holes. Any creative idea for solutions or resources for fixing it?

  5. n0th3r3t0mak3fr13nds says:

    Check out r/visiblemending!

  6. FroggyHasASupra says:

    It’s hard to tell looking at the pants but you *might* be able to get more use out of them if you know how to sew. The effort might be worth more than the result, but I had a pair of “stretchy” jeans that I wore way past when holes like these tore in the thighs, so it’s not impossible.

    What you’ll need to look at first is not just the torn area, but how worn the material around the initial tear is. If you want to keep wearing them, you’ll need to cut away any worn/soft material. The thread needs a good place to grip so it wont just immediately tear again.

    The next step is to get a good, strong needle and decent thread (especially if this is mostly denim and not a poly/rayon mix with denim)

    Now to the actual repair:
    I dont recommend the diy patches you can find at places like walmart because they’re pretty crap. However, you can usually buy pieces of denim (or sometimes it’s cheaper to thrift a pair of jeans and cut them up) So, take whatever you’re patching with and cut it a little bigger than the hole. (For added comfort, sew down or over the rough seam of the patch. Or just put all of the patch on the outside instead of any of the inside. It works the same.)

    Sew the patch on with smaller stitches, and stitch a little past where the fabric of the patch and jeans intersect. With my jeans, this took about 45 minutes on each side, but ymmv.

    Depending on how much wear you put the pants through, it could last a couple months. It will be incredibly noticeable though, given the size, and eventually you’ll be faced with the question of should you patch it again. At that point, it really is time to look at new pants (and check out videos on how to spot wear and darn clothes so that these kind of tears don’t happen.)

    *edited for grammar.

  7. Get some celebs to take on this style and make it the new whale tale. You will get a few more wears until that trend dies.

  8. Buy some raw denims and wash them only when you must and always hang dry. They’ll last forever.

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  10. I went to college in the 1970s. Patches could never be too big 🙂

  11. Substantial-Hair-170 says:

    Use duck tape, it might work!
    Or wear as it, it’s new trend

  12. You could probably sell those for big dollars at the high school and buy 3 more pairs…😄

  13. sergoutlawd says:

    Cut at the tear and make some shorts you’ll be fine nobody will notice.

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