Anyone ever been scammed from Candy Bliss Fashion? (Online clothing store)

I made a purchase for the first time from this site admittedly without doing much of a background search on the site. I paid using PayPal however once the transaction went through, I was redirected back to the site where it prompted me to enter my credit card details.

I didn’t enter my details as I had already received the confirmation email from PayPal. It doesn’t look like I received any sort of order confirmation from the store or anything of the like so now I’m a bit suspicious.

I tried doing a bit of a search on the website but not much seems to exist on it. It wasn’t a huge order (40 USD) but I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with this retailer? Should I try doing a PayPal dispute?

EDIT: link:

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  1. davoodm93 says:

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  2. friends-waffles-work says:

    At best, they’re dropshippers… at worst, well luckily you didn’t type your card details into their site! If you made a payment to PayPal you should definitely be able to get your money back though. I’d probably dispute it sooner than later.

    Some red flags:

    The address used on their website (304 S Jones Blvd unit 1843, Las Vegas NV 89107, United States) is used by different scammers. If you scroll down to the reviews here there’s some comments about people who have been victim of phishing scams where the website used that address: [](

    The phone number they’ve given has a New York area code (347). It doesn’t really make sense that they’d be based in Nevada with a NY area code.

    They use a gmail address for their business ([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]))

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