Apple Airpods Scam?

Earlier today, my dad got a suspicious email from [email protected] claiming I (his child) have connected a pair of Airpod Pros to my Apple ID, however I have owned my pair for almost a year. The serial number is correct, but it is the one on my left Airpod. The grammar in this email screams fishy to me, combined with the description of the Airpods being obviously inaccurate. I did not get any email on my end. I’m curious as to how they got this information and what scam they’re potentially setting up for? [Image of email](

The content was posted by Oliviaplayspokemon on 2021-10-06 01:30:09 via reddit

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  1. michael97217 says:

    The address for Apple at the bottle is totally wrong.
    One Apple Park Way is not anywhere near close to the real address for Apple

  2. Sounds kinda scammy. Have your dad log in to his iTunes account and change the password to be safe.

  3. They want him to click that link in the email, which looks like Apple but will redirect him somewhere else because it’s hidden in the email formatting; they want to steal his account info. They’re just guessing that he has a child with AirPods; it would work even if he didn’t because someone might panic and click that link.

    The From: address is faked. The grammar is terrible and absolutely something you would never see from Apple.

    If he took the suggestion to log in to reset his password, I hope he didn’t use that link.

  4. Necessary_Ad8249 says:

    WTF MY MOM GOT THE SAME ONE I’m talking to apple support now, will keep u updated on what they say

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