Apple id Phishing scam

I just got the “apple id has been locked for security reasons” email. I did click it and I did fill out the mail, password, name, date of birth. I know I’m dumb to realize this late but when it asked for an adress I decided to check the mail and realized its a scam. I changed my password quickly after that. But I’m kind of worried since I filled out my previous password. Would they have some kind of automatic access to my account because of it??

The content was posted by YJR29 on 2021-11-12 21:49:52 via reddit

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  1. Gtk-Flash says:

    I would log out of your account just to be sure, maybe they logged in before you changed the password. Then log in with your new password.

  2. SnooOranges2772 says:

    I just got back into my apple account. On one of the screens it told me what devices were logged in with an option to delete and log out of the other devices. Try checking that. Good luck

  3. xcaliblur2 says:

    If you use same or similar passwords elsewhere, change those passwords too. Scammers can try using the same password to access other platforms such as your email or social media etc

  4. If you use the same password on multiple websites. Credential stuffing is very easy to do.

  5. Thank you all for your help. I have changed my passwords. Love ✌🏼

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