Are these just scam sites?

I have been playing some of those crappy little app games with adds for every bonus you want. The adds have lately been for online shops such as “” “mangokk store”…things like that. Basically “stores” selling things that are far too good to be true. Has anyone had any experience with these stores, I have googled it but have found nothing.

The content was posted by Icy-Seaworthiness995 on 2021-05-28 21:40:40 via reddit

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  1. Salty_Dugtrio says:

    Yes, they are either scams, or dropship sites. Avoid like the plague.

  2. Aunty_Fascist says:

    >selling things that are far too good to be true

    Always a warning it’s a scam or scam-adjacent.

  3. TouchingHair says:

    Yeah, they seem to be.

    Generally a bad idea to trust any mobile adverts.

  4. Icy-Seaworthiness995 says:

    For scam sites, what is the point of being able to pay via PayPal? Is it so they have the money in their account for a while and then refund it, purely for the sake of getting some interest, or is it in the hopes some people won’t ask for a refund?

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