Are these Wireless Earbuds a scam?

So I have been looking for wireless Earbuds that aren’t too pricy and came across These Bluetooth earbuds called: “PlayBeatz” Eardbuds”. Apparently they are currently 50% off their original price, which is $66.65 dollars. So they are like 30 dollars plus shipping. All reviews I’ve seen say they are amazing. But it seems too good to be true. Is this a scam? Any help would be appreciated.

The content was posted by FrozoneIceCold on 2019-11-28 14:00:29 via reddit

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  1. OMG. Thanks guys, was inquiring the same as OP. Very insightful stuff. You guys just saved me a potential headache.

  2. iI thought these earbuds don’t drop out. They go in and out on my phone samsung 7, laptop Laptop (ACER), AMAZON FIRE tablets etc. I need to send them back. They don’t work like the reviews say. Must be paid reviews…Frustrated 😤

  3. I paid 49.00 for them , they are pure garbage. Worst part is they will not let you return them!!

    I consider them unusable and trash. They will suddenly screech real loud in your ear, over and over. They constantly drop. But worst of all the audio quality is a real joke, garbage, just horrible sounding. This is a SCAM, a total RipOff!!!!

  4. I am sorry to the people who got ripped off by this. The advertisements were so over the top I figured I’d better check it out :/ Thanks to those who weighed in on this thread. Months later it’s still helping people.

  5. Well that’s just great I’ve just spent £101.98 for two and payed “Strong current enterprise ltd” based in Hong Kong .. I payed via PayPal and have just checked there site and it looks like people haven’t even received their purchase. So I have emailed the email given and requested some tracking details etc … not expecting much but I’ll put a complaint to PayPal in 20 days .. wished I’d signed up earlier .. could kick myself !☹️

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