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So I’m one of those people who get sucked into brand ambassador type things if I REALLY like the brand. I mean you can get a massive discount from some of them.
This is absolutely the worst brand on the internet and girls eat this sh*t up. They gave me a 45% off discount to be a brand ambassador and I was all for it because I just started working out more and liked the matching sets. I ordered one in particular, and if you’re not familiar with the brand it’s roughly $55-70 per article of clothing. After I placed the order I happened to find the same exact 2 piece set on multiple stores online including the infamous SHEIN website that has everything. Shein has these sets for $100 cheaper and I guarantee Amazon probably does too.
I was like whatever I’ll just return it as soon as it comes- so I bought the cheaper one from a different brand as well. Not only did Astoria take like… 3 whole weeks to ship me it from “Virginia” and my shein order from China came faster, but when I went to return Astoria’s overpriced crap, they only refunded me store credit. I was pissed. I found something I liked from them even though all their options are disgustingly overpriced, and went to use the store credit. Plot twist: since you only get back what you paid for with the discount, you ultimately pay the difference and then they tack on another $7 for shipping. AND you can’t even add the discount with your store credit.
Anyways I ended up being scammed of like $50?? AND paying an additional probably- $30? For the return, difference in cost, and shipping when I didn’t even want anything to begin with.

Short: They reel you in with a huge discount, not reliable, and the return policy is ridiculous- you end up losing way more money than you spent to begin with. They probably resell their products from the same warehouse Shein gets theirs from.

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  1. If people want you to be a brand ambassador, and want you to pay for their product, it’s just best to walk away.

  2. Classic !influencer scam – you pay for the privilege of buying marked-up crap from a no-name reshipper.

  3. Also made a Reddit account just to post this because I’m so frustrated. This whole process has probably taken 7 weeks.

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