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So I had this company contact me and in not sure if it’s something legitimate, nothing seems to good to be true but the website they gave me is somewhat vague and I can’t find them doing my own searches. Hoping someone maybe knows if it’s legit or not. Sorry if this isn’t a good post for here wasn’t sure where else to go.

The content was posted by spookythiccums on 2021-11-19 18:00:03 via reddit

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  1. DarrenFromFinance says:

    Your post is also vague. They contacted you… for what purpose? What are they proposing? Is it a job offer? Did they find your résumé on one of the usual websites?

    If someone you don’t know gets in touch with you online out of nowhere and the issue of money is even tangentially related, then they mean to grift you somehow, guaranteed.

  2. IntrepidMany2862 says:

    Any follow up to this? I was also contacted by text message but for an in person interview. I have been job searching and sending my resume for various office positions. I found their website, which seems legit… but no reviews?

  3. emerilsky says:

    I also was texted an offer to set up an interview, anyone actually go to one of these yet? Is it a real company?

  4. Foxxbbe22 says:

    They texted me too and I asked how they got my resume. They said indeed so I went in and it was fine. Just a regular interview A job I previously really wanted ended up contacting me this afternoon so I won’t be able to go back but I had a good experience during the interview and would have accepted if I didn’t get this call

  5. WhudupDem says:

    I just got this too, anyone have an update with them?

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