avcphotostore.com looks like a scam online store


This site looks too good to be true. Apple products, cheap, no tax, free shipping. Website is powered by the same website name. The addresses are inconsistent, and they lead to no where relevant on Google street view. Phone is 929-235-9464, no one answers during business hours. The phone # is same as the fax #. Google pulled up another company, also related to digital cameras and cell phones, site’s unreachable.

### [Argraph Corp](https://argraphcorp.com/)


The content was posted by Dio_Eraclea on 2019-04-12 23:10:48 via reddit

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  1. Kevin3q59 says:

    I bought one camera on March 31 and it marked shipped and would be delivered on April 09. It was not delivered on April 09 and emailed them. A person named Frank replied to my email and asked me to wait for extra 5 days. It still wasnt delivered. I emailed again and Frank replied that it was under tax clearance and would be delivered by April 26. I sent another email on April 26. If they dont provide any proof that they shipped the order on Monday, I will dispute the charge.

  2. MalteseCorto says:

    Thought the same, any updates on this?

  3. raysilence says:

    I encountered the same problem when I tried to buy an iPad Pro 11. I asked for refund several days later when I didn’t see any shipping confirmation, and it did send me a refund confirmation through [mail.authorize.net](https://mail.authorize.net), which seems legitimate. But I haven’t received the refund for two weeks.

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