B of A / Zelle scam alert

My son just got an alert text from Bank of America saying that $1,500 was being transferred to Zelle from his acct. It asked him if he had done this transaction “ yes or no”. He typed no. Literally less than 1 min later his phone rings and it was from B of A. He answered and the man told him he was going to help him get the money back. He started to tell him to do a few things with the Zelle app but my son was walking into class so he said I will call you back.
He texted me immediately and I told him not to answer another call bc he doesn’t even have a B of A acct!
I told him never to give info out and always say “I am going to hang up and call my local branch directly”.
That they can get the numbers to come up as a bank.! 🤬

The content was posted by jules2fly on 2021-09-24 22:42:46 via reddit

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  1. Scammers can make their calls look like they’re the IRS, the White House, or your own phone number.

  2. When-you-get-home says:

    Lady lost $2,500 with this exact SCAM. People should learn to not respond to banking texts but instead CALL their bank! Never believe anyone who says they are from your bank. The lady followed everything they asked and she LOST a lot of money.

  3. No bank employee will ask you to transfer your money anywhere.

  4. planet_ael84 says:

    This is the first story I heard about this B of A scam on Reddit!

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