Bank deposit change scam (Green Dot Bank)

I haven’t seen anything online about this scam yet so I am posting it here to warn others.

Someone posing as my dad wrote a convincing email to the company my dad works for telling them he changed banks and his direct deposit information for his income needed to be updated. In the email it said my dad changed banks to Green Dot Bank and gave all necessary information to switch his direct payroll deposit. They used my dad’s real full name in the email address and in the email body and addressed the email to the correct person in charge of payroll.
My dad would have got scammed out of his monthly income and my dads work would have got scammed out of thousands of dollars if he hadn’t been such close friends to the head of that department. The email was so convincing that the department head actually thought it was my father and thought it was completely real.

It’s believed all the info was found online not by hacking or any identity theft. HR and the police are investigating.

I hope by sharing this companies can be on the lookout for this scam before these scammers succeed in stealing people’s income.

Has anyone heard of a scam like this before?

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