Bar in Northern Wisconsin

This was a few years ago. I’m visiting my ex in Northern Wisconsin, near Rhinelander. We go out to a bar with a group of guys for his friend’s birthday. We play pool and darts for a while in a room off to the side.

Then this other group of guys comes in. They’re – odd. Kind of meaty, sober, no drinks, positioning themselves strategically, and they start pushing for a pool match. I’m the only sober one on our side, my group is all wasted and too bleary to notice anything’s off.

My friends start going along, and this leaves me in the very tricky position of trying to explain discretely to a bunch of drunk guys in front of a bunch of sober guys that we need to gtfo lol.

I’ve always wondered what was up, or if I was just paranoid…

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  1. ClydesdaleSlim says:

    Could be pool hustlers. Probably would have dropped the first few games badly then started playing for more money and cleaned your friends out.

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