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[block]( I’m just a lone FedEx worker slaving away saving money to come home and de-stress. I’ve been keeping an eye on online retailers to get myself a PS5 to come home and play. I’ve been wanting one since it came out I haven’t had any luck until I decided to create a Twitter account yesterday to follow and get notifications on stores. So I get a message from a user “@PS5Savior” and he told me he had 2 in stock and had a disk version to sell for $550. Excitement got the better of me and through a short conversation he ended up asking payment through zelle. So once I paid he completely started ghosting me. I kept messaging him and messaging him and I can only see that he’s seen my messages but never replied to them. Until today that he blocked me and I couldn’t send or see his page anymore.. my heart sunk to my feet and now I have to save up for MONTHS again to be able to afford one. So I’m asking anyone to just please spread the word of that scammer and to be very careful on who you send money to. @PS5Savior is his Twitter. Thanks for reading.

TL:DR got too excited on wanting a PS5, paid a stranger for one, got scammed and blocked. Please be careful on who you buy things from and if you have a Twitter account, please spread the word.

The content was posted by puppet9501 on 2021-02-17 21:12:59 via reddit

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  1. Man, it sucks you fell victim to one of these, there have been so many PS5 scams.

    Lesson learned though, stick with known retailers for these types of products

  2. Are you not able to contact your card company and get the money back due to non-receipt of goods? I’m unfamiliar with Zelle, but if it’s like PayPal maybe contact them. If you don’t get any where with them, just call your card company anyways and tell them that Zelle told you to go through your card company! I hope you get your money back 🤞

  3. Always meet in person and pay or accept cash only when completing transactions or exchange of goods from someone you met on the net….unless its eBay, and if eBay look for high seller rating and never leave the eBay platform for communications with other person.

  4. Just want to say that I feel really bad for you. That totally sucks. What the fuck is wrong with people.

    When you do get your PS5, you will love it even more. Someone told me once that having something like this happen is basically tuition. You learn more from it then in school – and you won’t forget it after you take the damn test.


  5. My friend on Twitter just posted this guy and I’m hoping he didn’t send him any money. I told him that he’s a scammer.

  6. This dude tried to do the same to me yesterday. I told him we could do the transaction through PayPal. He was not willing to do that. I thanked him for his time and ignored his objections.

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