Being extorted for money and I really don’t know the best course of action. (I asked this in Legal Advice and someone recommended I post here)

I’m not really sure if this is the best place to post it but I don’t really know where else to go.

It’s a pretty cliche thing I guess, I [18M] met someone through a dating site a couple days ago, they started getting flirty this morning and I fell for it. (I verified their age first so we were both over 18)

Then I fell for the trap, they sent a pic and then convinced me to as well. Now you know how that goes, “I’ll send it around, doctor it to make it look like you’re taking to minors, post it on porn sites, etc etc.”

I was able to stall their first real payment date but I can’t keep doing that or anything.

I looked into a PI that specializes in this but that’s expensive and I’m worried it’s another scam. Im debating going to the police but idk what they can or will do.

So what’s the best course of action and what can I do?

Some people said though that maybe they’re just saying that. Is there any way to tell if the threat is legit or if blocking them is safe?

Edit: Thanks to all of you guys. I did it, screenshotted everything and blocked the bastard. Here’s hoping you’re all right.

I’ll probably go to the cops tomorrow, just to be safe.

The content was posted by NeedleworkerLost518 on 2021-10-03 20:14:24 via reddit

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  1. whitefeather23 says:

    They are the ones committing a crime, not you. Screencap everything, block and ignore.

  2. He’s almost certainly overseas and out of reach of law enforcement. Block him, shut down your social media for a while if you’re concerned.

  3. lightfair says:

    Block and ignore. Set social media to private for a while. They work on dozens at the same time and will focus on those willing to pay.

  4. I would just block and ignore. I doubt they are going to go to all the trouble to doctor the pic. They are looking for quick and easy money.

  5. siuol7891 says:

    Block and ignore! Even if they do release the messages you also have there messages admitting to extorting you and doctoring them to make it look bad

  6. AltLawyer says:

    Definitely do not pay, it’s just a scam. Once you pay they know you’re a sucker and they will never back off. Block and close your social media entirely so it’s hard to get your contacts. They’re not going to post anything, you already blocked them and their leverage is gone once they do anyway. They’re doing this to thousands at a time, not worth the effort to follow through. Don’t spend money on PI or other ridiculous nonsense, they’re probably 10,000 miles away, there is nothing you can do but block and close accounts. Should have come here first, we see this posted literally every day. You’ll be fine.

  7. dick_piana says:

    The fact that they sent you this message pretty much exonerates you from the get-go. Screenshot it and save it, and even if you feel a hint of them going through with any of it you’ve got your proof that someone is scamming you.

    I wouldn’t go as far as deleting your social media, let alone anything like a PI. You should set your socials to private though regardless of whether they follow through or not to prevent you being targeted again in the future. Beyond that all you have to do is send them a dozen or so pics of goatse and then block them.

  8. aQUantUMchiLD1 says:

    I’m seeing this scam pop up more and more and I don’t doubt some of the people posting as victims right here(not saying you are OP at all) on Reddit are the very same piece of scum, trying to perfect improve their methods. I have a friend who works as a LEO, well used to anyway, and though they have taken notice still don’t consider it a thing. So for everybody else who’s a victim, was a victim, and for the ones who might fall prey to these individuals: you have to report it! Yes block them and ignore them, but DOCUMENT everything, and contact the FBI. I’m sure in time, they will start coming down on this SOB. They can figure out, with enough info provided, IP’s, country of origin, and eventually no matter what they hide behind, might be able to issue arrests. Even if you made a mistake and did go wondering where you should have not, I’d understand being afraid of consequences and so on, so in some cases you feel you’re better off brushing it aside, hey we all make mistakes, but most of us, who might just think we’re making a human connection, and do share private and intimate details, photos, etc, they have been known to used those and post them on social media for your peers to see. I can’t begin to imagine the feelings and anguish some of these fellows have felt , and ultimately, god forbid, might drive them to do the unthinkable, thinking they have no recourse. For those people; for everyone’s sake we need to take a more active role in scams like this, or as I stated before, and knowing or pretty sure, some of the very people who posts this stories, are the predators themselves, this problem will become a serious socio and psych problem in modern culture, where social media and IOT is connected to everyone and everything.

  9. Available-Marsupial8 says:

    Snooze all your social media, don’t give them any money and block ignore them. They won’t do shit

  10. ChineeFood says:

    This has happened several times to my junior marines. Every time it is delete the offender, block them, then go to horny jail and watch some porn. There’s nothing you need to worry about because as someone stated, you’re breaking no laws, this fucker is. There actually is a huge federal investigation going on with this (there’s a YouTube series) so I’d give any evidence to an investigator or at least to police authorities. Might cost you some dignity but you gotta do what you gotta do. First things first though, go rub one out

  11. FlatBridger says:

    Worth noting when you do enable your social media accounts, set your friends list to private. There is zero reason for people to have a handy list of everyone you associate with, and that’s the most concerning avenue for these types of scams.

  12. Save their extortion demands (screen capture, emails, etc. ). Block them and move on. Nothing will happen.

  13. I love that a PI was actually going to charge you to look into an extortion scam… they’re as bad as the scammers!

  14. dennisoc1715 says:

    Block and ignore

  15. LaurenFL15 says:

    You are fine. Block. Move on.

  16. Theyre bluffing, block and ignore

  17. WaffleKingler21 says:

    Someone recently tried that nonsense with me, I don’t suggest it but what I did was call and harass the absolute fack out of them, double dog and triple dog dared them to. I let them know my onlyfans is free too, probably something everyone has already seen anyway. If you try to scam me I’ll absolutely bully tf out of you. Screenshot everything, laugh in their face and tell them to f off and get a real job. It sucks I know, but they won’t do anything

  18. Edward_Morbius says:

    It’s just a criminal trying to scam you.

    Nobody wants to see your dick and there’s no girl, underage or otherwise.

    Block and ignore.

    If they do publish the pictures, you have done nothing wrong and they have committed a felony, so I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

    Also some random guy’s dick pic on the internet is as interesting as discovering water in the ocean.

  19. screen cap everything is evidence they are the ones committing the crime not you. go to the cops.

  20. guarionex2009 says:

    Yea they’re trying to make you scared. Block and ignore is the best course of action. As long as you’re not really doing anything illegal, you should be fine. Screenshot everything to cover your behind. Any further correspondence through text, dm, or email should just be ignored.

  21. Ill_do_the_asking says:

    Keep record of the conversation. Block. You are fine OP. Those people are despicable scums and do not deserve your attention.

    Pretty sure there are pictures of me on the internet and they can do shit about it.

  22. LSATloveaffair says:

    Never pay. Never every pay. Don’t answer them anymore. Once these scammers taste a drop of blood, they’ll keep coming back for more.

    Listen to what everyone else said: block and move on. After a few days they’ll get annoyed and move on to the next victim.

    The investigators won’t do shit. There are reports some even work with scammers to squeeze out more money from victims. Don’t share details with strangers on internet or “investigators.”

    DM me if you have any questions.

  23. junebugg85 says:

    I wanted to add that the police and fbi who deal with child pornography have ways of identifying if something is been change or fabricated so no worries. Most Photoshop are completely obvious

  24. Tots2Hots says:

    Typical sextortion scam. Screencap everything, block, ignore. Once they realize they aren’t getting anywhere with you they’ll move on to the next target…

    Don’t bother with the cops. This dude is very likely overseas somewhere and all that’s gonna do is cause more asspain on your end.

    Your social media should be set to private anyway regardless of scams or anything, public profile is just asking to be targeted.

    Also NEVER go off platform. If you’re on a dating site, use the dating site’s chat feature. There is 0 reason to go to social media. That’s the first sign of a scam.

  25. linderlouwho says:

    Block, ignore, don’t bother the police – it’s a scam and you haven’t been scammed of any money yet. It is also highly unlikely a minor, although anything is possible, probably a bait and switch or misrepresentation altogether. As an extra step to your copying and saving all their communications, copy and save the two posts & comments you’ve made on the subject, together with everyone’s advice, to show your concern and sincerity on the whole issue.

  26. RxFendi732 says:

    Ahhhh I remember when this happened to me except the person then texted me on another number saying its her dad and saying his “daughter” was 16 and he was gonna get me arrested and send it around everywhere and I replied with, go for it ill tell u when the cops arrive and about 8 months later never a photo got around and I texted him the next morning asking what’s taking the cops so long just no response ahh that was one the funniest scam attempts ive seen and it was on me i still laugh about it

  27. Gorillajack772 says:

    Its a scam what dating app was it?

  28. Dragona33 says:

    Only two words need to be said…Block and Ignore. There are no “girls”, cops or “mad fathers”, just a scummy scammer (in Nigeria most likely). NEVER SEND MONEY!! Just block and ignore.

  29. AlSweigart says:

    Don’t bother going to the cops; they won’t do anything. This is just something you can ignore and they’ll move on to their next target.

  30. I’ve gotten one like that (they *said* they had a photo, but I never sent one). From this subreddit I knew to ignore it, so I did. It’s been more than 2 years, no fallout, no followup

  31. notparistexas says:

    This is why, even for zoom or Whatsapp calls, I always wear fake Groucho Marx glasses and mustache.

  32. seanprefect says:

    This is a common scam just ignore and move on.

  33. juliethegardener says:

    Ignore them.

  34. vedjourian says:

    Ignore and block. This is a known scam. If you ignore them they move on to others. Trust me, block them and ignore them. Oh and btw, you haven’t commuted a crime, they have.

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