Scam or Legit?

I recently saw a sponsored post on Facebook from this store (Believe Sky) claiming their Amazon shop was shut down, forcing them to sell their overstock on their own website at deep discount. The price alone screams scam (A Nintendo Switch for $39!?), but I couldn’t find anything definitive online, so I thought I’d post here for verification.

Website: [](

Nintendo Switch: [](

Facebook: [](

The content was posted by onipar on 2021-08-21 22:19:35 via reddit

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  1. EndangeredPootis says:

    The fact you found it on social media is the biggest reason to avoid it, not to mention the name which makes no sense and to good to be true prices, the site was also registered just 2 months ago in China, so its an definitive dropshipping site.

  2. MuddieMaeSuggins says:

    Even if this was real, “our Amazon store was shut down” is just an awful sales pitch.

  3. teratical says:

    Hot item + big discount + unknown website = scam every single time. There are no exceptions. Nobody is selling legit in-demand items for massive discounts.

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