Bellwether Alliance (Email Invitation/Secret Success Laws)

Did you receive an email inviting you to a secret group called the Bellwether Alliance?

So did I. I did a little digging.

The emails are well presented, but cryptic. They say things like “you were nominated” and “you only have 3 days to respond” and “if you are accepted.” They reference things like “Viceroys.” They ask you to fill out a survey to ensure your morals and ethics align with their values. It all sounds very nice: join a network of powerful business leaders all over the world who operate at the highest levels of ethics, looking to work together to improve the world. I mean, who wouldn’t want that, right? Your personal worth grows, and you do well in the world, and you get to be part of a secret society that others don’t know about. Win-win-win, amiright? Additionally, they present this as a society that has been around for a long time, using time-tested principles that they’ll let you in on…


Here’s the thing, do some research on them online and see what you can find. Here’s what I found:


Their main website ([]( whois data says it was just created in 4/18/2019. I’m not sure how long their program has existed, but their web presence is pretty recent.

The only other website I could find about them was [](, a website supposedly created as a place where all of the happy Bellwether Alliance members could come and share their testimonies. Oh, and share they did. They have a lot of reviews from anonymous members that extoll the benefits of being a member. How it changed their lives! This website was created 7/25/2020. Hmmm… pretty recent.

I did find a [closed Reddit thread]( about them from ~8 months ago – someone asking if anyone else knew about the org because they received an invitation. If you can find that thread, I recommend reading it as well. That post linked them to “Secret Success Laws” (an online course that could be yours for only $1,200/year!). By the way, []( was created 7/18/2019.

Here’s another note about the Reddit thread: there are a number of positive reviews for the Bellwether Alliance from folks claiming to be members. A quick look at each of their profiles, though, and each one created their profile the same day they posted their positive review, and that is their only interaction on Reddit. Full disclosure, I’m doing the same with this post for anonymity purposes. Perhaps they did, too. Take it for what its worth with all of the other evidence.

When you search for Bellwether Alliance, you do find their Florida State business registration information. Their address is 4051 Barrancas Ave., #215, Pensacola Florida. When you search that address on maps, it looks like their corporate address is a UPS store address. Not super inspiring. No other address for them (physical/office) was found.

Finally, I didn’t recognize the name of the person who claimed to have nominated me. Never fear, they solved that concern by sending me an email a couple of days later inviting me to learn about him! His website is []( That beard, tho. Sharp looking dude. Clearly he’s influential, his tie matches his pocket square, and he’s wearing a vest. Oh yeah, his website was created on 9/1/2020. Obviously he has a great track record of helping folks.

If this organization is so influential, so time tested, and so valuable, why is there no information about them on the web except for what they created within the past year? Everything to do with Bellwether Alliance online came from 4/18/2019 since. All of their reviews are from burner accounts created within the past 8 months. Their review website was created July of 2020.

If they’re worth $1,200 to you to find out how real it is, then I hope you “Live Well and Prosper Fairly.”

I’m just hoping to save some folks some money, or at least some time doing a bit of research. I personally think they’re a scam, and won’t be spending any money on it. It feels very much like a “Think and Grow Rich” reboot to me. (FYI, Napoleon Hill was a charlatan, if you didn’t know.)

What’s your experience with Bellwether Alliance? Can anyone provide any actual evidence of the organization?

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  1. > It all sounds very nice

    It really doesn’t. It sounds like an MLM or scam that is trying to pretend that hiding in the shadows is a virtue, not a way to keep people from discovering the truth.

  2. This is a common “Illuminati recruitment” scam !illuminati

    They say you are nominated to become a member of their organization. Eventually you have to pay a fee to apply, in which case this may turn into a quick advance-fee scheme. Or after sob formalities (during which they can ask for your private info) they may say ‘officially’ that you’re a member; you’ll soon be asked to contribute with money for whatever ‘greater good’ or buy some crappy merch to spread word of ‘how great is being a part of their organization’

  3. Appreciate you doing the background work here. The only things like this I have ever been invited to that were legit put all the info up front about what they are about, who other members are, and what the costs were. The Bellend alliance (yes, deliberate typo) is nothing more than a scam to part you from your money. The weird thing is that they appear to be going after semi-successful people, and not your grandparents. Given many of the people in this demographic are business people, educated, not stupid, it seems like an odd demographic to try and scam. Still scammers always be scamming. 🙂

  4. It’s not a scam. It’s actually a professional group that promotes a set of principles to live by. It’s about collaborating with individuals of a high caliber and helping each other build their businesses and their wealth.
    As for Mr. Duncan, I know him personally and he’s a phenomenal individual. His website is new because he recently started his professional coaching business. He is a successful business owner and is now wanting to help others succeed as he did. He is on LinkedIn and Instagram. Look him up.
    I get it, every opportunity is not every person. Some people will find a way to bash anything. However, it is easy to label something a scam when one knows nothing about the person or the opportunity. I can only hope you find the mentorship and/or guidance you need to achieve what you, and everyone on this thread desire.
    As a member of Bellwether Alliance, I really do hope you Live Well and Prosper Fairly.

  5. I know why you are all here. You received an invitation, either privately or in confidence to join Bellwether. And as such you decided to see what you could find about the group before making your decision to accept membership. I was here a year ago, I had questions and reservations. Like you I had many friends pitch me Amway or the opportunity sell water filtration systems so you could drive a Mercedes just like them. Being mindful of opportunities is a smart thing to do.

    I eventually made the decision to join, mainly because the person who invited me made it clear that it was my decision and they would love me regardless of the path I would take. They received no financial benefit if I said yes, and I wasn’t required to sell wonky gadgets or go hunt for more members.

    As for my decision to accept membership, I will say with all honesty that it was one of the best decisions of my life. I have met so many amazing people who all share a passion for personal growth and the betterment of others. They have challenged me to THINK BIGGER and have been there for my successes and my failures. The organization educated me on laws that are foundational for personal and business success and I find myself referring back to them with those I serve outside of Bellwether all the time. It has made me a better leader, a better husband and a better member of my community.

    Bellwether chooses to remain the size they are to maintain intimacy and adherence to their values, something that organizations that are focused solely on growth quickly lose. The dues create a sense of accountability and commitment and quite honestly reflect a core value of honest exchange between parties that is inherent in almost every legitimate transaction. They aren’t cheap, but they aren’t overly extravagant either. Trust that I was once offered a course on personal networking that was FIVE times the cost of membership and I doubt I would have gotten as much from it.

    Invitations are not given randomly, so if you got one, consider it a acknowledgement of your character. Someone who cares about you, sees potential in YOU and believes in what you have to offer this world is offering you the opportunity to connect with like-minded people in an honest attempt to do MORE together.

    One last thing, please do check out Jason Duncan. Yes he is a member and a fine example of one as well. I have watched him build a business on the foundation of genuinely helping others succeed. He provides sound business advice and shares it on YouTube and LinkedIn every week FOR FREE. He is one of the most genuine, standup people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and yes, he has a mighty fine beard as well.

    I hope this brings clarity to the questions you had before you came here so you can make a decision that is right for you.


  6. I’m just another Bellwether Alliance member weighing in on the conversation.

    If you’re lucky enough to get nominated to this absolutely amazing organization consider yourself most fortunate! Hopefully you’ll set aside any of those initial doubts of “this sounds too good to be true, or it’s gotta be a scam” so you can see for yourself what it has to offer.

    The Bellwether Alliance is for real and unlike any other org I’ve ever been a part of. It promotes a set of principles to live by that when studied and followed *will* result in personal and professional growth. (No, we’re not an MLM, the Illuminati or a cult.)

    Unequivocally, becoming a member has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in years!

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