Best Buy Canada Online Scam?

So I was (sort of) scammed by best buy.

My partner was on the lookout to buy the Sanrio Animal crossing Amiibo Cards which costs $7. He found it on bestbuy and purchased it, it came out to $24 (thats an extra $16 of shipping + tax) and I was shocked and told him he should have purchased another game or something we wanted with it to get free shipping over $35.

So he tried to cancel it online and was unable to (literally 30 mins after the order was made) so he proceeded to call customer service and ask if they could make the changes to the order, like add an item so it would qualify for free shipping. They said they were “unable” to do so, so then he asked if they could just cancel the entire order and they said they were still “unable” to do so because the payment had already been “authorized”. Which I think is kind of ridiculous since it hadn’t even been an hour after we purchased it and it hadn’t been shipped out yet. (Ordered on March 26 and expected arrival was March 30)

They told us we could just return the item when it arrived, but the shipping would NOT be refunded. So we kept asking if we could return the item, why can’t it just be canceled NOW? They kept saying it just “couldnt be done”.

It was just so frustrating and they literally said they can’t do ANYTHING once payment is authorized so we finally asked what if we just call the bank and ask them to stop the payment on our credit card for that purchase. The customer rep wasn’t sure but its out of his hands at that point apparently. (We called and talked to 2 different reps and they both said the same thing)

So we finally called the bank (its like an hour after the order was made at this point) and they saw the transaction, it was “pending” on their end but they even saw the time it was made. The bank rep was also shocked after we explained how we tried to cancel the order but couldn’t despite it only being an hour. The bank ended up just not charging us for the purchase as a service to us (which meant they will eat up the cost) and we can do as we please if the item arrives or not.

I just want to make others aware to be VERY CAREFUL when purchasing from BEST BUY. After my experience, I’ve read people getting their orders canceled without notice, or undelivered items. And yes, I’ve read how people literally cannot change anything on their online order if not within MINUTES of place an order.

Honestly, if they even offered me store credit for the returned item + shipping cost, I would’ve been happy enough. But they literally couldn’t do anything for my order within half an hour of placing it and wouldn’t refund me the item or shipping. I usually have no problem ordering off Amazon and changing or canceling my orders even a few hours after placing it, so I guess I will DEFINITELY use amazon more after this experience.

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  1. You never take “no” as an answer from someone who cannot give you a “yes” answer.

    After you are told it can’t be done, you ask to speak to a manager/supervisor. Call back several times if need-be.

    Don’t ever take a “no” from a pee-on level employee

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