Beware of bitdoves! its a scam for your crypto!

Recently a guy tried to get me for all my crypto. i wanted to make this post for anyone else that tries to see if their legit because i really had to dig for it. the site is called bitdoves and labels itsself as a brokeage/exchange. the scammer also gave me another site called thomasleejames where he pretended to work for them. I also found a bunch of fake celebrity twitter accounts promoting bitdoves. hopfully anyone else he tries to scam will see this.

The content was posted by ApprehensiveLook3513 on 2021-10-07 05:58:22 via reddit

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  1. JaneOfAll-Trades says:

    Thanks for bringing awareness to this scam! Please be sure to report them to scam and global anti as well!

  2. teratical says:

    It’s good to call out individual scam crypto “exchanges” but the broader lesson to be learned here is to avoid **all** new/unknown entities purporting to be crypto/forex exchanges. 99% of unknown “exchanges” are just outright scams aiming to appeal to your greed with unrealistic promises of gain. Stick to mainstream, well-known crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase, Kraken and Binance.

    The domain name was just registered 4 months ago in Iceland using the “Withheld for Privacy” domain privacy protection service provider. This is a favorite of scammers due to Iceland’s privacy standards. Combining that with the many red flags on their website, this is an obvious scam.

  3. **Fake Investment Scams that use Fake Cryptocurrency Websites:**

    Fake cryptocurrency websites controlled by scammers are becoming more and more common. Sometimes the scam begins with a romance scammer who claims that they can help the victim invest in cryptocurrency. Victims are told to buy cryptocurrency of some kind using a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange, and then they are told to send their cryptocurrency to a website wallet address where it will be invested. Sometimes the scam begins with a notice that the victim won cryptocurrency, and it is in their account on a website. In either case, the scammer controls the website, so they make it look like there is money in the victim’s account on their website. Then the scammer (or the scammer pretending to be someone official who is associated with the website) tells the victim that they have to put more money into the website before they can get their money out of the website. Sometimes the scammer will let the victim “remove” some of their money from the website (actually it’s just the scammer sending some of the victim’s money back to the victim) as a way to make the website seem legitimate, before asking the victim to “reinvest” even more of their money. Of course all of the money sent by the victim has gone directly into the scammer’s personal wallet, and any additional money sent by the victim to retrieve their money from the website will also go directly into the scammer’s personal wallet, and all of the information about money being held by the website was totally fake.

    You can post the scammer’s wallet address here on r/scams.

    If the scammer used Bitcoin, then you can report the scammer’s Bitcoin wallet address here:

    If the scammer used Ethereum, then you can report the scammer’s Ethereum wallet address here:

    You can see how much cryptocurrency has been sent to the scammer’s wallet address here:

  4. I am currently speaking to one of these guys over discord. He sent me exactly what you said thomas lee james, gave me his license id and stuff. Checked the website link on whoisdomainstool and I found out that the website was created recently in may of 2021. I asked the guy and he said had this company for 5 years so clearly he is lying. Always use website checking tools before you go on any random link.

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