Beware of @NikeTeesAreTheShit on Instagram.

So NikeTeesAreTheShit has a pretty large following for a thrift instagram account with around 60k followers and this past week I was scammed and then blocked from the account after asking for an explanation on the item I had purchased. Basically how this account operates is that they have an online store for certain items and then they also posts things on their story on a first come first serve basis (first to DM them saying they will purchase the items can pay through Paypal for it). So last week, the account posts this vintage Nike fleece jacket for sale on their story.



These two images were the only ones uploaded and with no mention of the condition of the item I assumed that it would have some minimal wear, but nothing major. Based on the images I quickly made the decision to DM the account saying I would purchase the jacket. Knowing that the account had a large following and seemed reputable, I didn’t think I had anything to worry about so I agreed to pay through PayPal with a friends and family payment (I now realize this was a big mistake).

So fast-forward to when the jacket arrives and right after opening the package I realize that the item’s condition was not properly conveyed through the pictures posted or the description.



However, at this point, I’m not too upset and want to just message the account saying that I wish I knew about the holes in the pocket and overall wear on the jacket before purchasing but I still want to support his account. I wasn’t looking for a refund and really just wanted him to acknowledge that he didn’t accurately convey the condition of the item (something that I thought I could trust an account as large as his to do.) So I send my first message to him and try to stay as respectful as possible.


Quickly after sending this message it is marked as “seen” but he doesn’t respond for the rest of the night. I’m not too stressed about it though and tell myself that I’ll wait a day and send a follow up message. So the next day comes and I see him already posting new stuff for sale on his story and decide to send him a message with a more frustrated tone while still being respectful.


In less than a minute after sending this message I was blocked from his account.

After this happened, I found some other instances of him scamming and being shady. [](

I never was looking to get my money back and was only after an apology or explanation for selling an item that he purposefully hid the condition of. What frustrates me is that with such a large following he can get away with selling items he knows he is lying about by just blocking someone whenever they complain about how he screwed them over. I just hope that others can learn from my experience and make sure nobody falls for this dude’s scams ever again.


TL:DR: Bought an item from Niketeesaretheshit on IG and it came with much more wear and holes in it that weren’t described or shown in pictures. Sent him respectful messages about how it was disappointing and he blocked me.

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  1. skeptrostachys says:

    This sound like shit scammer from facebook marketplace, but only in different platform. Huge numbers of followers does not count the legitimacy of the account, must be paid bots followers. They must selling counterfeit stuffs, definitely low scammer, after taking your money and sold garbage, they have the audacity to blocked you. Perhaps you report this account to IG?

    Official account will not accept direct transaction, but purchase usually via their direct website.

  2. The pics posted lacked any details to convey the items condition, intentionally. You should have inquired more since these are used.

  3. youtubeTheClaymer says:

    Encountered a similar situation with this guy sometime last year. Bought a few items from him, they arrived, everything had stains, holes, or were missing pieces (zipper pulls, shirt tags, etc). Reached out to him about the matter in a cordial way, just wanting to express my concerns, and he spazzed at me, then blocked me. Would absolutely never do business with again.

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