Big Online purchases all returned to store

Theres a customer at the place I work for who makes purchaes ($2000+) on our companies website then goes and returns them in the store. The items purchase are always big ticket items that would normally not be purchased together. The customer has been doing this same thing since october purchasing and returning $20k of product never keeping anything he purchases.

Customer also always uses the same credit card when purchasing these transactions…

any idea what he could be doing??

The content was posted by Level-Employment on 2019-12-20 09:51:11 via reddit

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  1. Is the purchase refunded on the credit card or are they receiving cash.

    If cash… could be that this is their way of using the credit card to get cash advances

    Or, I wonder if they are somehow building up points with that credit card and they have devised a scam to get those points basically for free

  2. If they’ve been doing it since October and no fraud has been noticed yet, it’s likely some sort of /r/churning.

  3. Need to know what KIND of item’s are they? Do they have a serial number and are recorded on the receipt? What’s delivery time from order to home? Those might be the important details.

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