Bit suspicious, but can’t figure out the scan exactly? For a £20 running top.

Bit suspicious, but can’t figure out the scan exactly? For a £20 running top.

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  1. The scam is that you will be contacted by the ‘courier’ and asked to pay insurance on the cash envelope. When you give your card details, they will take as much money as they can.

    The scammer is seriously dumb to try this on such a low cost item.

  2. joeyGibson says:

    UPS doesn’t work like that. They’re not going to send a truck to the scammer’s house, get a fat sack of cash, drive to your house, give you the money, pick up the item, and then truck it back to the scammer’s place. I don’t care what the price is, that scenario doesn’t happen.

  3. Crabby_Appleton says:

    There’s no courier. Notice the scammer never says what the item is. They are leading you towards an advance fee or fake check style scam.

  4. Jiandao79 says:

    It could be a scam to get your address, name etc.

    It could be a scam where he claims to never have picked up the goods and applies for a refund (make sure you have signed receipt etc).

    It could be a scam where at the last minute the courier says he forgot the cash and to accept cash app and then you hand over the goods and don’t get the money.

    It could be a way to gain access to your home and steal stuff or case the place.

    It could also be a set up for a mugging (meet in public etc).

    For the sake of £20, I’d bail out of the deal. Not worth the potential grief.

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