Blackmailed with nudes

Hey guys ive been blackmailed with my nudes through the app ‘line’ and they’re demanding money. Has anyone gone through this situation? If so, what did you guys do?

Update: Asked all my friends if they received any of it and none has seen it. Y’all were right. Hopefully it stays that way, but thank you to everyone for helping me out. Made me feel a lot better!

The content was posted by Ejayon on 2021-11-19 11:40:45 via reddit

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  1. i_love_the_usa1776 says:

    Tell them to fuck off , block them and move on with life.

  2. Alternative_Ad7930 says:

    Do they know your social networks?! I used to be like you a monthago, and i deactivated all my accounts also block them til now…

  3. hcollector says:

    They won’t release them because they have nothing to gain by releasing them. Think about it. Would you still pay them after they released your nude photos? Of course not. If anything they risk being tracked down and prosecuted for extortion. They are probably blackmailing dozens of people at any given time and if you just block them they will most likely not waste any more time on you and focus their efforts on their other victims or finding new ones.

    Speaking from experience. This has happened to me as well. I literally just told them to fuck off and insulted their mother and then blocked them and nothing ever happened.

  4. diverareyouok says:

    Block them. Unless you are a famous celebrity or politician, they don’t have gain any benefit to releasing them. If they do, then I see you in the photo. Nobody is going to care. Always remember, you can never buy silence from a blackmailer – you can only rent it. They will be back for more money if you pay them.

  5. Don’t put out photos you don’t want anyone seeing. If it comes back to haunt you then thats your fault. Including could saved files to nothing is 100% secure unless its a camera with no wifi and hasn’t been transferred to anything that can connect to a ip address.

    Sucks that it happened to you but thats what happens when you mess with that kind of stuff.

    This isn’t a joke either anything can happen everything has a backdoor even if no one found it yet. Just like the ps4/ps5 sony thought that was secure but it got hacked the first week it came out. Pretty sure facebook/your bank/whatever has hundred if not thousands of backdoors that no one knows about. Anything can get out in the public.

    Here comes the downvotes.

  6. Rajitjijo says:

    5 days ago it started happening to me too i paid them but today they weren’t stopping asking me for more and i blocked them. Did i do the right thing im sooo scared. Like the ground beneath my feet has started to shift like i was sooo scared that i just paid them i thought theyd go but they didnt. So the second time around i just blocked them they said theyd post in 5 mins but that was in the morning around 6 to 7 hours ago and how do i keep a track if somethings been posyed or not

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