Buying a trailer – is this a scam?

I found this trailer on this Craigslist ad:

[Forgive me if this violates the personal info rule](

The ad led to a phone number [that I texted.](

Which led me to [an email.](

The price seems excellent… Maybe *too* excellent. Does anything about this sound fishy? I don’t really get what they mean about the eBay thing.

Any advice would be appreciated. Obviously, I would see it in person before signing or agreeing to anything. What should I look out for?

UPDATE: Thank you everybody for your quick responses. Clearly a scam.

I asked her if I could come see it today. Her response:
>Right now I’m at Keesler AF Base in Mississippi , doing a special training and getting ready for deployment.The trailer is already at a storage place in Biloxi , sealed with all documents inside and ready to be delivered to your place in 2-3 days. As I said in my first email the price is $800 including delivery to your address. I decide to make this deal with eBay-Online Services because this way we’ll both be protected. By dealing through Online Services we are both covered and nothing wrong can happen with my trailer or your money. They will handle the shipping, the payment and the papers exchange. You will benefit of free delivery and a 5 day period to test the trailer . Your money will stay in your possession and you won’t release any payment to me until you inspect and accept the trailer.

> If you’re interested please reply with your full name,phone number and delivery address so I can start the transaction with eBay and ask them to send you the invoice with the terms of the transaction (with no further obligation or fees) God bless you!

Red flags are flying! I respond:
>I don’t understand. Why is it listed in Orlando if you have it in Mississippi? 

And she comes back with:
>The trailer is currently stored with all the paperwork in eBay Motors warehouse in headquarters, in the container,sealed and ready for shipping. I want to mention that the vehicle was inspected by the shipping mechanics so it wouldn’t be a problem for you to register it.I asked them to allow viewers to go there and inspect the trailer but their reply was “We are not a showroom!” In this case, I will offer a 5-day period to inspect the trailer from the moment you receive it.  You’ll have 5 days to inspect, test and drive the trailer before decided to keep it or not. If the vehicle is not like I described, you’ll ship it back on my expense and they will give you a full refund. eBay Motors will hold the funds until you receive the trailer with all the papers work. Only after you confirm them that you wanna keep the trailer they will release me the funds. Thank you

>If you are interested and want to move forward please send me your full name,phone number and full address and I will initiate the transaction through eBay. Once that is done, you would probably be informed in the next 24 hours upon all the details of the transaction (terms, buyer protection coverage, payment instructions, invoice for the purchase).

So now, I request you’re help for a new mission. **I need ideas on how to troll this scammer to the fullest extent possible.** What do I do to them?! Thanks!

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  1. Scam. You pay and it never gets delivered. Ask if you can pick it up and I bet they give you the run around.

  2. Unless it’s a complete pile of shit, you aren’t buying a cargo trailer right now for $800. Along with what everyone else’s said

  3. Oh definitely.

    They always have a story in place to explain things you never asked to begin with.

    You don’t have to ask why the low price. They’re gonna tell you so you don’t ask and get suspicious. They’re going to tell you straight away they can’t make it in person, even though you never said anything.

    Also, terrible grammar.

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