Buying clothes from a store as a treat

I want to cry. I’m a student, I don’t have much money to live on but the other day, I decided to treat myself with two new jumpers (one for each assignment I’d finally submitted after months of work). I know it’s just some jumpers, it’s probably just silly but I was looking forward to them and spent a fair amount.

I went on this website which I’d come across via adds on Instagram, purchased two beautiful jumpers, spend a fair amount of money. I had to wait 3 weeks for delivery, I assumed initially it was because of the pandemic. I didn’t really mind. Btw, when I purchased things online, I always look for reviews. I didn’t see that many for this store but the website looked legit and they have so much choice.

Anyways I received them today, neither of them are the ones I ordered. They’re just cheap and look so ugly. I have a big feeling that if I send them back, i won’t get my money back so I just don’t know what to do.

Either way, what annoys me the most is the fact that they have adds all over Instagram yet no one is talking about their scams. I came across another person who was trying desperately to express their frustration since they’d had the same thing happen to them.

Edit: the website is homesweetlaud

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  1. Call your bank or credit card company, whichever is associated with the card you used to make these purchases, and tell them this was a fraudulent transaction and see if they can issue you a chargeback

  2. I’m so sorry. The internet is full of these, unfortunately. In the future, if you want a faster way to check, run the url through Or simply Google the company name and see what comes up. There are so many retailers out there, no one can know them all.

  3. I googled for one second and easily found that it has one star on trust pilot. That’s bad. Not to mention the site cones up as linked through homesweetlaud. Very shady. Sorry you may be able to do a charge back if you used credit but otherwise it’ll have to be a lesson learned.

  4. I’ve been going through the same thing. I also got my order a few days ago after nearly a month of waiting, it was totally wrong, and all the items were terrible quality. I’ve tried emailing them and messaging them on instagram to return the items and get a refund but I haven’t heard anything. I’ll definitely come back here if I hear anything but unfortunately I think we both just got taken advantage of. Sorry <3

  5. Never buy from this instagram stores or Facebook ones. These “fast fashion” stores are chinese run if crappy made clothes. Takes weeks to receive and will always be wrong. You’ll never get your money back, but they might say they will if you mail it back at your cost, it will cost A LOT of money to mail it to china. Not worth it.

    My mom constantly is buying shit clothes and jewelry from these random chinese online stores from facebook and always getting scammed.

  6. The exact same thing happened to me. I ordered an expensive order and none of the items are what I ordered, even remotely, and none of the items fit me. It took over a month to deliver, and everytime I’ve tried emailing them I’ve received no response. Know anyways to get my money back?

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