Buying on eStore Limited Representative thru WhatsApp conversation

Hello !
Recently I’m looking to buy IBeLink BM-K1 miners. I found cheap price with availability confirm on Alibaba [Alibaba link]( but the dealer asked me to contact thru WhatsApp phone number. I’ve wrote to him and he answered me with this:

[8.12, 01:21] Bmk1: You will also get 2 units free making 8 units in total .
[8.12, 01:22] Bmk1: e Are A Registered Company, Licensed And Approved By The European Government, For security reasons check the attach file for Our company VAT, TAX & Registration documents to be guarantee you are dealing with the right company and trusted person.

You can verify our company VAT Number Online with the link below

Put our VAT Number: (Member State: GB) – (324310646) in box then click check.
[8.12, 01:22] Bmk1: We accept payment via bank transfer and BTC payment method for fast transaction and effective delivery of your order .
[8.12, 01:23] Bmk1: TERMS AND CONDITIONS
We the Seller Shall supply the order of the buyers willing to buy, the buyer shall made 50% deposit of the total amount before shipment, after confirmation of the 50% deposit payment the seller’s, the seller is totally condemned to delivery the buyers order within 3 working days after payment confirmation by the seller. The buyers shall pay the 50% balance within 24 hours after the delivery of the items
[8.12, 01:25] Bmk1: Shipment is done via DHL , FedEx or UPs and delivery takes only 3 days by air to arrive to your doorstep .
[8.12, 01:51] Bmk1: Payment terms: Bitcoin or Money Gram Transfer for orders less than 3000 usd and TT bank transfer for orders over 3000 usd ”

He also linked me their website:
[link to official website](

After searching I found out that they have account on Amazon also and Facebook (both almost empty).

They refuse to do the transaction thru websit/Amazon or Alibaba.

After a while I’ve contacted by WhatsApp to number witch is wrote on website to confirm is person claiming as eStore representative legit – he had confirmed that. But I’m still not sure about buying items thru WhatsApp paying 3 000 $ and waiting for shipping (custom and fees including).

The content was posted by jach0o on 2020-12-09 16:53:44 via reddit

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  1. If you have not counted the red flags by now, let me give you another one 🚩.

    Don’t buy shady stuff from people through whatsapp.

    Don’t go off the platform, where you have no buyer protection.

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