Can anyone tell me if this site is real? , they have really cute stuff but I can’t find any reviews which is usually a bad sign.

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  1. Their website has little to no information. Nothing about where they’re based in, other than the vague description about “globally growing rapidly” in like 3 countries. Their products also don’t seem to feature any reviews or cite any info about the makers of these clothes. The only way that you can contact them is by the email/form they provide there, and their only social media source is Facebook. Even there, only 26 people follow/like the page and I don’t see any comments or reactions to their posts. There are extremely little credentials here, so I would give it a hard pass.

  2. ​

    See for yourself. Google “**GODADDY** **WHOIS**” and put in the domain name.


    * **DOMAIN Creation Date:** 2020-09-08
    * **DOMAIN Expiration Date:** 2021-09-08


    * **Registrant Name:** Registration Private


    * **Name Server:** **BRAD**.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM
    * **Name Server:** **IRIS**.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM


    * **Phone number:** None
    * **Business address:** None (WHOIS says Arizona)


    * **Online reviews:** None (literally)


    **SEEMS LEGIT… <eyeroll>**

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