can anyone verify if this website is a scam? theres no malware or popups on mobile so it should be safe.

i was looking for some bluetooth headphones and i came across this site. the prices are good but they are definitely too good. shipping is free too so im just really suspicious. can anyone here look around because im not seeing any red flags besides the prices. it seems legit to me but you can never be too sure.

The content was posted by TheTaintedSupplement on 2021-11-10 03:28:05 via reddit

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  1. SPACECAT223 says:

    An iPhone 13 sold at 99.00 bucks? That’s over 90% off an iPhone. No one is selling all this shit for cheap.

    Nothing about any of that seems legit. The number is even weird.

    Also their about us section only mentions the sell of street wear.

    There’s fake electronic sales too.

  2. VegasOldPerv says:

    It’s 3 days old.
    Horrible landing page with zero info.
    Contact email is a different domain.
    The phone number is linked to two other websites that were only 3 months old before shutting down.

    I wouldn’t trust this website as far as I could throw it.

  3. music_man1959 says:

    Their ” about us” is straight lifted from

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