Can people scam you by infiltrating your cell signal while nearby?

Hey Guys,
So I was at Welcome to Rockville festival in Daytona over the weekend and got separated from my group during Mudvayne because I was feeling sick from a Jello shot and walked away to sit. While I was sitting, I had called and texted people in my group asking for someone to come to me. My uncle’s girlfriend came and found me and walked me back to the RV and everything was fine. The next day, she shows me a series of text messages she had received from the night before from my phone number saying “Answer” over and over again and “they said there going to sell me to the Mexican cartel”. I looked at my phone and showed her that I had not sent those messages and we are both thoroughly confused. Not to mention, I would have said “they’re” and not “there”. It would make sense that I would have sent those at that time because I was asking them to come rescue me but I did NOT send those! And it was from MY phone number.
Is this some sort of scam? Did my signals get mixed up with someone else? Did someone target me because I was drunk and use some sort of device that can infiltrate my cell signal? I just can’t wrap my head around it!

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  1. someone spoofed your number to fuck with her

  2. VictorZiblis says:

    It’s easy to spoof phone numbers.

    It was probably a friend fuckin’ with you.

  3. Zoomerzoom00 says:

    It was a kidnap scam type kidnaps scam on YouTube I found one story where they spoofed this guy’s mom’s number said they had her kidnapped and he had to pay a bunch of money

  4. No, cell networks don’t just get ‘mixed up’ like that. Sending SMS is far more complex than that would allow.

  5. I know people can spoof numbers because my psycho ex used to do it every time I blocked him. But then that means they would need both her number and my number. We didn’t have each others numbers saved and communicated through group chat. I don’t know anyone who has both of our numbers besides the older people in my family, who are not tech savvy. It was only me, my mom, my uncle, and his girlfriend. They are all in their 40s. And the timing was exactly when I was also asking for them to come rescue me because I was throwing up.

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