Can someone help? I’ve clicked “unsubscribe” more than once… these are all from the same address!

Can someone help? I’ve clicked “unsubscribe” more than once… these are all from the same address!

The content was posted by LeastfavoriteVillian on 2021-11-07 20:20:36 via reddit

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  1. drinkingchartreuse says:

    Delete and block, clicking on anything lets them know the victim is active.

  2. amyaurora says:

    Often with spam, the unsubscribe is nothing more than a data collection point.

  3. LOUDCO-HD says:

    Block sender, unsubscribe just validates the email address.

  4. This is a common tactic of scammers, they will flood your inbox so you will miss the one genuine email, where they are trying to gain access to an account. I’m afraid you need to check them all.

    Don’t press unsubscribe.

  5. your first mistake was clicking that unsub link in the email. the next mistake was even putting in your email on their landing page. believe me i did it myself when i didnt know better

  6. JTheberge83 says:

    The unsubscribe button is nary a button that stops the emails.

    It does collect data tho.

  7. Wasian0007 says:

    Use 33mail for all online purchases or logins. If you begin to get spam from one address, delete that address completly from routing to your mail email address.

  8. Interesting-Leg-7109 says:

    If you have gmail, then you can go in and filter messages like that. You can define parameters by subject, body, sender, etc and set actions to send straight to trash/mark as read/send to junk etc. I find it very useful.

  9. Idkjustpeachy says:

    I get all of those stupid shit too. Even after blocking

  10. Mycologist_Murky says:

    Yeah you made a mistake clicking on “unsubscribe”. That tells them your email address is active so they will keep sending more and more scam emails.
    Block and Ignore. They haven’t got anything sensitive on you so don’t worry about it.

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