Can someone please help!

Already purchased items from a site and after waiting for shipping well over the time frame they promised the site has gone ghost, both their 24/7 live chat and support team email dont respond and I’m worried and confused about whats going on, im assuming I got scammed can anyone help me out and visit and see if you get a response from their live chat? Would be a big help thanks!

The content was posted by ImHungry- on 2019-02-11 12:27:47 via reddit

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  1. morphxstar says:

    Off Course! Tell me what is your problem. If possible I’ll help you.

  2. fyrftr1407 says:

    Unfortunately you didn’t leave this board with enough information on the company or the product. When l shop online l do a search first. Are they a reputable company? How long in business etc… For example l buy a lot of household products and supplements through a Fortune 500 company.

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